Tuesday, January 22, 2008

7 wonderful years

Seven wonderful years ago this lovely creature entered my life and started a new chapter for me. No longer was I just a daughter, sister, friend and wife, I was now a mother!!! I had always longed to be a mother and actually wanted to start trying on my honeymoon, but common sense and my dear sweet hubby convinced me it was a bit too early in our marriage to take on such a journey. So three and a half years after that honeymoon we welcome our "Peaches" into our lives. We called her Peaches before she was born as I have a complextion that could be called yellowish and my dear sweet hubby is about as pink as they can come sometimes. So we always joked our child would come out peach. So once we found out she was going to be a girl she got the nickname Peaches.
And a true peach she is. While she does look a lot like me as a child, she tends to take after her father personality wise so I guess she got a little bit of me and a little bit of him, making her a true blend of my yellow and his pink. Plus she a real peach of a child, so easy as a baby and for the most part a wonderful toddler and now child. One almost wishes for a first child as easy as she was, but then again it really threw us for a loop when the second child didn't turn out as easy going. So maybe having the easy one first was such a good thing after all. LOL!
You know for as hard as it is for me to believe that she's now 7 years old, I also can't really remember my life without her. She has been so many things to me throughout the years, more than just a daughter really. When my parents separated and divorced a few months after she was born, she was my lifesaver, helping to keep my mind off of the way my family was now changing forever. When she, my dear sweet hubby and I moved from California to New Mexico she was my way of making new friends through a club for stay-at-home moms. And then again when we moved from New Mexico to Colorado, she was my helper and my companion when my dear sweet hubby started working very odd hours. And now that our family includes her two younger siblings, she is my mini-mommy, helping me to take care of the younger ones.
So as her 7th birthday comes to an end, I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to her for not only gracing my life with her presence but for also being so much more than just a daughter to me. I love you Peaches!!!!!

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