Thursday, January 31, 2008

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

1. The way you make my evenings easier
2. The way you get all hot and bothered after you've been on for a while.
3. How you do all the work for me!
Okay, now get your minds out of the gutter people, I'm talking about my Crock-Pot!!!
Oh how I love that thing! If it is at all possible to love a kitchen appliance! LOL I've never really used my Crock-Pot that much, but I recently inheirited a cookbook just for slow cookers from my neighbors and have decided that this is the only way I want to cook from now on.
You see I'm not a chef by any means. I can't "swing" it when it comes to a recipe, 'cause if I do it almost always comes out a disaster, which with 3 little mouths to feed daily isn't a good thing. I mean they complain with the simple things I do make when I stick to the recipe! Can you imagine what they'd be like if I put some experiment meal in front of them???? Now my dear sweet hubby is probably Julia Child reincarnate. The man has a knack for finding the right combination for a meal. I'll look in our fridge and pantry and decide we don't have anything for dinner, then he'll look and come up with some meal that literally makes me go "Mmmmm". How does he do that? The other day after he "whipped" something up I told him that he missed his calling, he should have been a professional chef. He thought about it a minute and agreed.
Now back to my beloved Crock-Pot. I love the fact that I can toss stuff in and have it cook it on it's own. It's not easy to cook a meal with three kids wanting this or that. Or the dog wanting in and out for the umpteenth time. So to be able to get the meal started when I only have one or two kids around and they aren't all grumpy because they're hungry, is Heaven to me. My only problem is my nice new (bigger) Crock-Pot has a tendency to run a bit too hot. So what would take 3-5 hours on high, might only take about 2. So you have to watch what you're cooking, but even checking on the meal every so often is easier than standing in front of the stove for an hour or so straight!
I've had my new cookbook for about a week now and I've already made 4 meals out of it!!! It's so wonderful! However the section on breakfast foods has me a bit perplexed, I mean most of the meals have to cook for about 6 hours! Who wants to get up at about 3 am to turn on the Crock-Pot??? Not me! Now I suppose they do have some slow cookers out there that you program to come at a certain time, but mine's not that fancy. Don't get me wrong I don't want to sound like I'm complaining about my Crock-Pot, but I'm sure those programmable ones have to cost a pretty penny.
So for now I'll probably steer clear of the breakfast food section, but you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be making quite of a few of their other recipes!!! I just hope my family doesn't get too sick of soups, stews and chillis any time soon! LOL!!!

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