Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm a survivor!!!!

Sing with me now.....
I'm a survivor
I'm not gon give up
I'm not gon stop
I'm gon work harder
I'm a survivor
I'm gonna make it
I will survive
Keep on survivin'
Yep, I'm a survivor alright, I survived our very first sleepover!!! My oldest had her birthday party on Saturday and it was an "almost" sleepover party where everyone wore their jammies and brought their pillow. We played games like musical pillows and had a pillow fight and even tie dyed pillow cases for the kids to take home. However out of the 8 kids invited only 6 showed up and two got to actually sleepover. This was Peaches first experience with friends staying over and I'm not sure how she took it. I think she had a good time but at one point, oh round about 10:30 pm, she came in our room saying she wanted to go to sleep but her friends wouldn't stop talking. Her father and I told her that she had to tell them, as they were her guests. Plus I mean who really sleeps at a sleepover anyway???? I guess they all fell asleep somewhere around 11, but bright and early the next morning at 7 am they were all up, although one looked like she could have slept a few more hours. I'm sure that both guests slept well that night as I know Peaches did. I put her and her siblings down for the night at 7 pm and never heard another peep out of them, UNHEARD OF in our house!!!
You know now that I look back on it, the whole sleepover thing wasn't too bad, really. I had a few people tell me how brave I was to take on two guests in one night or to have the sleepover on the same night as the birthday party, but all in all, it wasn't too bad. The hardest part was the fact that Stinky wanted to sleep in the same room as her sister and the guests. But no matter how hard we tried to explain it to her she just couldn't understand why she couldn't be in there. I mean I have to agree with her as it is her room too, but she doesn't understand that when your older sister has a sleepover, you are, more often than not, not welcome. I can totally sympathize with Stinky as I have an older sister too and I wanted to be just like her as well. But I can also understand Peaches wanting her space when she has guests over. This whole situation made me realize that even though the girls are so close in age, that maybe we do need them to have rooms of their own. At least if Stinky was used to sleeping in her own room without Peaches, then maybe she wouldn't have been so upset about not sleeping in the same room. I mean she did get to sleep with her daddy and myself, one of her favorite things to do, but it wasn't as appealing with the guests there to make her room more interesting.
So now in about 2 1/2 weeks I'm onto a tea party with about 9 five year old little girls!!! If I make it through that one I'll really be a survivor......

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