Monday, January 14, 2008

Man's Best Friend??? More like my shadow....

How is it that my dear sweet hubby's dream dog ended up making me his favorite? I don't know if I'll ever know the real answer to that question but I do know that the big goob made me love him. I fought it at first, kept thinking the dog was going to be too big for our family, thought maybe a smaller dog would fit in better, but after 8 months with the animal I am beginning to think he is the perfect dog for our family, no matter what his size is.
Seriously, Rocky must be going through the awkward teenage stage of his life, he's such a goob and half the time he seems to think he's not as big as he is. Like he still thinks he's a puppy or something. I often say he looks like a bull in a china shop, too big and awkward to fit in really. Hopefully with time will come a calming force and an understanding that he's not small anymore. I think he's like doubled in size since we got him, yet somehow, some way, the house doesn't feel any smaller now. I mean each year when the kids get bigger the house seems to shrink, but with Rocky it doesn't seem that way. Maybe it's because he'll be spastic for a while but then he'll calm down and go lay down somewhere and essentially disappear.
Now if only his #2's would disappear too! I went out to do a little poop patrol yesterday(wait what I am I saying, "little poop patrol"??????, this dog does not have little poop at all :p) and essentially did nothing but change the poop from large frozen masses to small crumbled frozen masses. So I decided in May when we have finally thawed out till next fall, I will go out and finally do a thorough poop patrol. The kids do try to help and when the oldest does it, it's kind of successful, it's when the younger two do it that you have to watch out! Nine times out of ten they'll end up with more poop on them and other objects in the backyard than there is in the garbage bag! Oy! But hey at least they try, right? I mean it won't be long until I'm met with moans and groans when I ask someone to go out and do poop patrol, so I better take all the help I can get now I guess. We have started a schedule with the girls for feeding duties. One week daughter #1 does breakfast and daughter #2 does dinner, then the next week they switch. I even laminated a schedule to match up with our calendar so they can just look at it to see who does what. It's great and it saves me from having one more mouth to feed before I can sit down and eat myself.
The dog has also done something that I probably should have started doing on my own, going for walks. Rocky is an Alaskan Malamute/wolf mix so he gets antsy if he isn't running around or going for walks, so we go. We usually go with our neighbor who takes his female greyhound for a walk as well. Rocky has a crush on Phoebe and shows it by licking her face and smelling her butt. Guess in the canine world sniffing butts must be the equivalent to sending roses in the human world, all I know is it seems pretty gross to me, but hey I"m not a dog.
Someday I'll get my cute female dog that is about half Rocky's current size when she is full grown, but for now it's just Rocky, which I'm sure our two cats are quite happy about. After 8 months the dog still can't understand that the cats don't want to play with him, but yet he keeps trying maybe hoping one day to make them love him just like he made me love him......

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