Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I usually save my posts for after the kids are in bed, but tonight is an exception. I decided to check email before making dinner. When I checked, I noticed I had an email from a very special lady about perspective. It showed how big the Earth was in comparison to other planets, at first the Earth was the biggest, then it was in the middle, then it was the smallest. Then it showed how big our sun was compared to the Earth and then it showed how small our sun was to other stars in the vast universe. It really helped to put things in a true perspective, suggesting how some days it may feel like your world and your troubles are the biggest thing around, but they aren't really. There are much larger things in the universe.
I know that I, for one, have been horrible about keeping things in perspective. I tend to get that tunnel vision where my world and troubles are all that matter. Well I'm a little better about it now, thanks to the anti-depressant I take, but I still have a tendency to do it, like oh say when Aunt Flo is visiting. However I tend to think it's only human to get like that sometimes. I mean when you really think about it, we are the true centers of our universe as everywhere we go, we're in the middle, literally. But it's up to each of us to try to remember to not let that focus stay on ourselves too long.
I know that for me becoming a mother sure helped with that, as what mother has all her focus on herself? Well okay, scratch that, what GOOD mother has all the focus on herself? None. You do have to do stuff for yourself every once and while but your main purpose is to take care of and raise your child to adulthood.
So what's the whole purpose of this post, well I guess in the end it's all about remembering to keep your life in perspective. To not let the petty and small things bother you and to remember that each of our lives has an affect on those around us, even those who we don't see on a daily basis or even know.

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