Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sing, sing, sing.....

......and I do! Whether or not I'm in tune, I sing my little heart out to all my favorite songs. It occasionally makes my dear sweet hubby cringe and sometimes embarrasses my kiddos, but hey I'm having fun so I do it. If I could have one wish for an ability I don't have and wish I did, it would be that I would be a great singer, like Ella Fitzgerald or Peggy Lee, maybe even Keely Smith or Etta James. Man those ladies could sing!!!

In my youth it was not uncommon to find me in the backyard, hair brush or hose in hand singing my little heart out. Some made up songs, others I heard on the radio, but most definitely out of tune. My poor neighbors must have hated it when I headed outside and I'm sure my mom probably shut the windows to help keep the noise inside down. ;) But what I lacked in talent, I sure made up for in enthusiasm.

I have been an avid watcher of American Idol since the second season, some 5 years ago. Now as much as I enjoy watching the people singing and enjoy watching the really bad ones try to sing in the auditions, there is no way on this green Earth that I would ever try out myself. I mean I like singing but I am all too painfully aware that I am no Ella Fitzgerald!

So I have, with the help of a lovely blogger I know, added some of my absolute favorite music to my blog. Like I don't already spend enough time on the computer, now I'm gonna get on just so I can listen to my music. A majority of the songs have lyrics and you can bet your bottom dollar I will be singing along at the top of my lungs (unless the kids are in bed) to each and everyone, but some are just instrumental and those ones are on here because they are fabulous to dance to!

Oh yeah, that's another talent that I'd like to enhance. Notice I didn't say attain? Well that's because I'd like to think I'm pretty good at cutting a rug, just never had any formal training. So imagine my reaction when I learn that Julianne Hough from Dancing with the Stars was going to be recording a record!!!! Not only can she dance beautifully she can apparently sing too!!! I think that the singing and dancing talents she got went to the wrong Julie. It should have gone to me not to Julianne!!!

(singing break, here comes the song At Last......)

Okay, I'm gonna just have to stop typing now as I can't seem to sing and type something other than what I'm singing, at the same time! So enjoy the music, I know I will!!!