Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ya gotta have frieeeeeennnnddssss...

(....okay think Bette Midler singing it when you read the title, it makes a lot more sense when you do. ;) )
But seriously, you really do need friends no matter if you see them on a daily basis or have never met face to face. If you have someone, or hopefully more than one someone, that you can count on, lean on, vent to and share with than you are truly blessed in your life!

I remember once when I was in high school I got into a fight with two of my best friends. Originally these girls were each friends with me and then became friends themselves. So when they started hanging out together without me I felt left out. One day I was crying in my room over the whole situation and my dad came in and said something to the effect of "Friends? Who needs them?" and my reply was "I DO!!!" Everyone needs friends, especially a teenage girl. The teen years are really rough and even rougher if you don't have a comrade to endure it with.

Now that I am older, I have a variety of friends, ones I've known for years like my friend in Montana whom I've known for close to 30 years, ones from high school days, ones I've met since I became a mother and ones I have through the message board I frequent. Each and every one of them is special and unique to me. The ones at a distance I don't get to see as often, or at all for my friends from the message board, but I tend to think that you don't need to be physically close to someone to be emotionally close to them. For instance one of my message board friends' daughter was in a car accident that landed her in the hospital and I cried when I found out. Now keep in mind I've never met this woman in real life but I do feel a connection with her. So to me it doesn't matter that we've never looked each other in the eye for me to be affected when she's hurting. In my imagination I gave her lots of hugs to help her through the tough part. I hope she felt them. :)

This morning I spent time with a friend who I do see often, well okay maybe not as often as I'd like as it seems like I'm always doing something else and it's not always something fun, usually cleaning my house or trying to get ready for the holidays. But now that the holidays are over I'm hoping to see my friends in town more often. It was so nice to see my friend today, to chat and gossip and share, it's a connection I missed having these past few weeks, especially when I was stuck home with sick kids. It's that connection that helps keep my sanity in check and prevents me from completely losing it.

So to all my friends, far and near I'd like to thank you all for helping make my life that much nicer!!! You all mean more to me than you may ever know, so the next time you might feel a bit small and unimportant in this big world, remember there is one person out there who needs you in a big way! Oodles and noodles of love, ME :)