Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm slackin'....

There for a while I was doing so good at posting on a more regular basis and now I feel like I've been slacking. Of course I know a couple people that haven't posted on their blogs since last November (ahem, bee and veni ;) ), so I guess a few days in between my posts is no big deal. But I was so hoping to be better about doing this. Real life has a way of getting in the middle of my best laid plans sometimes.
Actually I think the break could be blamed on the flu we all had last week. I don't think I spent much time posting and then this week I got my butt out of the house after being stuck here all last week. So since I stayed home to clean the house today (boy oh boy did it need it) I thought I'd take a break and post. I just put some chicken quarters in the crock-pot to cook. I've never done this before so keep your fingers crossed they come out okay.
Also I've been mulling it over in my mind whether or not I want to post current pictures of my kiddos on this blog. I'm not sure if the only people viewing it are people I know or if total strangers are checking things out. And the thought of giving out too much information about the most precious beings in my life on the world wide web kind of scares me. Hence the reason I only refer to them by nicknames. I know some people who do post pictures and even videos, so maybe it's okay to do it, but I have this huge, humongous actually, fear of one of my kiddos being kidnapped, so I still can't quite get there are far as total exposure. However I have thought of posting current pics but still referring to them by their nicknames and not disclosing my actual location. I guess that will help those at a distance keep an eye on the kids as they grow, but will still kind of keep their anonymity. Does that all make me sound paranoid??? Maybe so, but when it comes to my kids I don't take any chances, they mean far too much to me!

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Toni said...

If you only want people you know to view your blog, you can change your settings. Go to dashboard, manage- settings, permissions, blog readers and select 'only people I choose'. We don't live around family either and what a blessing this blog is to show grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc. how the kiddos are growing and changing!! OR you could keep your 'journaling' blog open to the public and then create a second blog with pics for specific people only???