Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oh what we take for granted...

In life there are a lot of things we take for granted but for me there is none quite like taking my children's health for granted. Now don't get all freaked out, no one is seriously ill, but a stomach bug can sure take down a 5 year old and an almost 3 year old. I have to say it's been a relatively quiet day with the both of them laying around like boneless chickens.

You see it all started with me on Sunday morning. I got sick and had to spend the whole day with all three kids as my dear sweet hubby had to work. Monday afternoon I was starting to feel better and was amazed that none of the kids got sick. Boy did I think that too soon! Monday night shortly after my dear sweet hubby put the kids to bed, Tinkerbell got sick. She did a few more times before we even made it to bed ourselves. Then round about midnight, Little Man, who was sleeping in Peaches' room, got sick. So Peaches moved into our bed and we left Little Man on the floor in her room. I kept watching Peaches all morning to see if she was going to go pale too, but nope. The only thing she complained about was her nose and that it was running. We are unfortunately caught without cold medicine for the kiddos, so she had to go to school with tissues and the instructions to wash her hands after every time she wiped her nose.

Here at home I have inhaled more than my fair share of Lysol spray, as I have been cleaning and disinfecting my whole house. I'm also doing laundry ad nauseum, but I'm afraid I'm gonna run out of detergent here soon, so I'm only doing what I think is important, like the towels and sheets, as those seem to be the ones being used the most. Just keep your fingers crossed we all have enough clean underwear until I can make it to Wally World again. LOL

On a sort of side note I had been fretting all morning about tomorrow, as that is when Caroline's preschool was to finally have their Valentine's Day party. You see her teacher got sick last week and they didn't have school on Wednesday or Friday. Then with yesterday being a holiday, again there was no school, so the party was going to take place tomorrow. However Miss Elaine's sister called this morning to say Miss Elaine has pnuemonia and that they wouldn't be having school until Friday to make sure Elaine was really better. So now I guess I don't have to worry about keeping Tinkerbell home tomorrow and her missing the Valentine's Day party.

The downer though is that again I'll be stuck at home, as I want to make sure she and her brother are completely better before I go anywhere. Then of course we have the oldest, Peaches, she could still very well get sick and I'd be home bound even longer.

Oy vey bagels.......

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Toni said...

Wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your posts; I relate very much to most of them!!! Also, LOVE your playlist, especially #1 right now. We visit the site over and over just to dance!