Thursday, February 21, 2008


(think The Hunchback of Notre Dame when you read the title ;))
You know how all those decorating shows tell you to make your master bedroom your little place to go to get away from it all??? Well my master bedroom is more like the place I stick everything to hide it away from it all. Anytime I have to clean the house for guests to come over I pile all the stuff I don't have time to put away in my room and then slowly but surely my bedroom became a huge disaster area which can be hazardous to navigate in the middle of the night! Well last Saturday after Tinkerbell's birthday party I decided I was going to take Sunday to clean my room out and reclaim it as my own again. LOL!!! Turns out I spent a lot of time in my bedroom on Sunday, but I pretty much just kept the mattress from floating to the ceiling. Then Monday I had no energy to speak of and Tuesday was spent doing laundry and cleaning up after Tinkerbell and Little Man as they were now sick. Wednesday was spent doing yet more laundry and taking care of all three kiddos as Peaches was sick now too. So today was the first day I could actually work on it.
Granted my room is not perfect, still have some boxes of stuff I want to keep but don't know what to do with, but it's a heck of a lot better. I was even able to use the vacuum cleaner in there today!!! And Peaches made comment that it felt bigger without so many boxes lining the walls. I'm hoping to paint at least one wall an accent color here soon and who knows maybe get some actual artwork on the walls, all I have now is a iron art piece thing and my great-grandparents' framed marriage license. We have a ton of family photos that still aren't hung up anywhere so maybe I should just hang those, but I almost prefer to have family photos in other rooms, as well, okay maybe TMI here but when things get intimate who really wants their grandmother's picture staring at them from across the room??? Not me!
Anyway, I'm hoping I'm on my way to getting my room to look just how I want it, a soft calming space where I can go and actually unwind at the end of the day, not curse my way from the bathroom to my side of the bed, stubbing my toe on 10,000 toys or other unnecessary objects on the floor!!! LOL!

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