Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tinkerbell turns 5 today!!!

Hard to believe they grow so fast!!! It seems like just yesterday that I was staring at that sweet face above! And now she's gonna be starting kindergarten in about 6 months! Sniff sniff.
Today we had her Alice in Wonderland birthday tea party. Only 4 out of 7 girls invited showed up but a good time was had by all. We played "Pin the Grin on the Cheshire Cat", Hot Hat instead of Hot Potato, musical Mad Hatter hats instead of musical chairs and we even painted our own roses red (crayons were used instead of actual paint).
My sweet Tinkerbell (I have been asked to call her this instead of Stinky) is such a wonderful combination of my dear sweet hubby and myself. Tink looks more like her father and his side of the family, but she most certainly acts more like me. Oy! Doesn't every mother wish that their difficult daughter have a daughter just like them as payback??? Well my mother must have asked for that exact thing as I certainly got it! But you know I wouldn't change a thing about her, well okay maybe I'd give her more patience than she has right now, but that could come with time. Since both she and I are younger sisters with an older sister, I can totally relate to her and her yearnings to be just like Peaches.
And while I can't wait to see what direction Tink takes her life as she grows, I also don't want to miss a minute until she gets to that point. She continually surprises me so I get the feeling that whatever I may think is gonna happen with her, won't. But that's okay it's the surprises that make life interesting, right? And life with Tinkerbell is always interesting to say the least!

I love you tons and bunches my sweet sweet girl!!! XOXOXOXO

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