Sunday, February 3, 2008

We did it!!!

We moved the kiddos around! So now Peaches has her own room and Stinky gets to share with Little Man. Last Friday I just had Peaches sleep in her brothers room while Little Man slept in Stinky's bed and Stinky slept in Peaches' bed. And that first night I had to go in and tell Stinky and Little Man to be quiet and Stinky tells me "MOM!!! He won't stop talking and let me sleep!" I just giggled and said "Well now you know what your sister felt like with you!" Then the next morning Little Man made sure he woke his sister up nice and early. If I have one child that can sleep until noon it would probably be Stinky, but not any more since she has the human alarm clock in her room, aka her brother. After two nights of no real complaints I decided to just bite the bullet and do it. So we moved Peaches' stuff out of her room with Stinky and moved it into her brother's old room. It took ALL DAY LONG!!!! And it's still not done completely as Peaches' clothing is still hanging in her old closet and her brother's clothes are still hanging in what is now her closet. And we haven't taken down all the car decorations from Little Man's old room, but that will come in time.
Peache is so adorable already planning what color she wants to paint her room and wanting to hang a Wal-Mart ad that has all of it's Hannah Montana merchandise and looks like a poster on the front. I can't say I blame her as I am already coming up with ways to decorate her walls myself. Of course as excited as Stinky is to be sleeping on the top bunk, she's also wanting her own room now. So I stopped her continual questions by saying in our next house she can have her own room. Of course who knows when that will happen, but it satisfied her enough to drop the subject. So now time will tell how a 5 year old girl and an almost 3 year old boy can handle sharing a room!!! Then next comes a HUGE purging of all the toys that are now in the loft. I've decided after cleaning out from under beds and dressers that my children have entirely too many toys that they DO NOT play with. So I will have two bags, one will say trash and the other will say donate and at least half of the schtuff we have up here will go bye-bye........FINALLY! LOL!


Bauerfamilyof5 said...

Sounds like my kids sleep escapades. We redid both the boys rooms this summer. Owen has some rocking bunk beds w/ a soccer themed room and lime green walls. Adorable! Too bad he's never slept a night in there. He instead sleeps w/ Emmett in his queen bed. UGH!

Bee said...

I"ve just been missin' ya and thought I would come see what was going on in Wonderland. Sounds wonderful as usual.

The only room changing we had to do was give Miss Thang our room with the bigger closet to all of those unecessary toys and we took the smaller one. Which explains why Dear John and I are still sleeping in a sponge-painted pink bedroom.