Monday, March 24, 2008

Always look on the bright side of life....

I remember that song from a Monty Python movie, can't remember which one, but I know it's one of them as I think I've seen them all by now.
Anyway, not a lot has been happening around here that has been very helpful to our limited budget lately. First out TV gets knocked over by Little Man and the whole back cover falls off and the screen has one corner that's purple! Then my neighbor gave me a hug and my glasses ended up breaking in two. It wasn't a strong hug, it's just that I was sitting down and he was standing up, making the angle all wrong and snap went my glasses. So now I'm wearing my old glasses that I got like 4 years ago as they don't bother my nose to wear but I can totally tell the prescription is old as now more things are blurry than they were with the pair that broke (I've needed to go to the optometrist for a while now).
So here we have two expenses that while are life and death, would be so nice if we could afford to take care of. Okay, well I could probably go and get a new pair of glasses as dear sweet hubby's insurance does cover a new pair of glasses each year, but everyone knows you can go in there with plans to only get what's covered but you never do. The ones that are covered are never as cute or stylish as the ones that cost more.
Anyway, what does that song have to do with this post, you ask? Well I am trying my whole new outlook for 2008 and thinking well at least the TV still works, even if the purple corner is annoying and the back looks horrible. And thank my lucky stars I kept my old glasses, 'cause I'd be in a world of hurt if I didn't still have them. My sense of urgency to get a new pair of glasses would be even more. I've tried wearing the old pair, since my friend was able to glue them back together, but the bridge that goes over the nose isn't curved anymore and it just sits straight on my nose, which is oh so uncomfortable. I tried wearing them again this morning, but just couldn't do it. Too uncomfortable. I'd rather have comfort over not-as-blurry eyesight. Oh man I know I'm getting old when comfort trumps all other things.......:s

Monday, March 17, 2008

Craig's List kiss of death

You know every single time my dear sweet hubby finds something on Craig's List he wants, he always gets it, but me-----no such luck!!!
I found a dresser I really wanted for the girls' room a year or so ago and I got dear sweet hubby's okay to get it, but when I replied, which wasn't long after the item was posted for sale, I was told it had already been sold. Huh?!?! It had been posted like an hour before I replied and it was sold already?!?!?!?! Geesh. Then a week or so ago I found a microfiber sofa on there, at a fantastic price, so I got the okay again and replied, again not long after it was posted, and this time no reply. So I emailed them again saying how interested my husband and I were and to let me know if it was gone already, so I wouldn't keep wondering, but still no response.
Then today I find two sofas for FREE, yes people F-R-E-E, it was less than an hour since it had been posted and I had the okay, so I replied. Now here we are 5 hours later and still no reply. Don't people have any consideration these days???? I mean what if it was them who wanted an item and they kept checking email, hoping that maybe, just maybe, they'd have that email that said the item was still available? Guess not, cause here I am bummed that I missed out again.
I've always known that I am sort of a kiss of death when it comes to those home parties where you can get free stuff, but I didn't realize I was a kiss of death when it came to buying items on Craig's List as well. Maybe I should have asked "Lucky Boy" to respond for me and maybe we would have gotten those sofas! The worst part is they were nice looking sofas too!!!! So maybe those people who have all the time in the world to sit around and look at Craig's List got to them before me. :(
Okay, I've whined about this enough. I'm gonna go drown my sorrows in some chocolate chip cookies and watch the premier of "Dancing with the Stars"........

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mother Nature

I've come to the conclusion that Mother Nature must get so relaxed here in Colorado that her sense of humor shines through a lot. Yesterday was a sunny day, granted it started out cloudy, but the sun did come out and while it was a bit chilly, the kids were able to play outside. I was also able to paint a wall in our family room. Then I woke up this morning.....
And we had snow, yep snow. I heard a commercial for a meteorologist here in Colorado shortly after we moved here and in it the man said "If you don't like the weather in Colorado, wait 5 minutes and it'll change". Boy truer words have never been said. Now I don't know if that man came up with that saying on his own or if it's one that's been around a while, but whenever I talk to someone who is new here or is visiting, I always tell them that, because it lets people know that you can't count on any weather to really stick around for long. Well okay maybe in the summer, because when it's 100+ outside it's very unlikely that it will suddenly cool off to a nice 70 degrees, but it can cool down some when the summer thunderstorms show up at night.
All in all, with all the changes that our weather does here, I wouldn't change a thing. I like the fact it can be bone chilly cold one day and then really nice the next. It keeps me from getting bored with the weather. Back in California where I grew up we had four types of weather, fog, rain, sunny days and the occasional hot day. And except for the occasional hot day, you could experience all those types of weather all year round. So there wasn't much variety really. Here we get actual seasons and a wide variety of weather, which I really like. However right now I'd sure love some nice 70* weather, you know the kind where you can have the windows open and fresh air coming in and the kids can play outside instead of running amok inside!!! :

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So is constantly rearranging a sign.......

.....that you just aren't happy with your house or your furniture??? I rearranged my family room and my living room this evening after dinner (we ate early) and I just know it won't last long. I never seem to be satisfied with how the rooms are arranged. I also moved the sofa from the family room into the living room and put the loveseat in the living room in the family room. But again, I'm sure that won't last long either.
I'm really hoping that with that tax incentive money the government is sending out soon that we will be able to purchase a more comfortable sofa for the family room. The loveseat is so NOT comfortable, but the sofa's fabric is not looking too hot with all the use it gets when it's in the family room. So hopefully there's a new (or lightly used) sofa in our future. Maybe then I won't be so inclined to rearrange so much.........hmmmmmm........somehow I don't think that will EVERY happen!!! LOL!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Changes-good or bad???

It's funny because I seem to be a contradiction when it comes to changes, I like them but only sometimes. I mean I LOVE the changing of the seasons! Seriously I must be one of Mother Nature's favorite people, I welcome the changing of weather, as by the time one season is ready to end I am so ready for the new weather to come. I also LOVE to change my house up. My dear sweet hubby is always giving me a hard time because I'm always moving furniture around. He's stopped making comments about it now. Usually he just shakes his head and rolls his eyes when he comes home and sees I've moved the family room around for the umpteenth time. LOL! I also like to change my hairdo, playing with the color and the style, but right now I'm not dealing too well with change in this area, as I am trying to grow my hair out and it seems to be especially difficult this time!!! I'm so tempted to just go get it cut short again but I know my dear sweet hubby wants me to grow it out, so I'm gonna try to stick it out. But if my hair doesn't start growing like a weed here soon I may not be able to make it.
So for all those changes I enjoy, there are some I don't welcome. Like changes in my dear sweet hubby's schedule. During spring break (March 17-21) he'll have to work the late shift meaning he won't get home until 10 or later at night. He will be home in the mornings, but still it's the nighttime when I really need his assistance with the kiddos. Plus with his job he could come home any day and say that he has to go away for a week or that he has to suddenly work the midnight shift again for a while. It's these changes I really really don't like. I also don't like the idea of changing where we live, town-wise not house-wise (that's a change I would readily welcome). I've always known that with my dear sweet hubby's job transferring is a possibility but dang we've been here so long now that we have friends and schools for our kids that we really like. Now don't get all excited, we have no possibility of moving right now, but my dear sweet hubby did mention it the other day. He said that he's been in his position long enough that a transfer could be possible. When he said this I silently panicked. I don't want to move and I know the kids won't either. I'm sure they'd do fine if we did move, but I know they wouldn't want to.
So why am I talking about change, well I've been trying for a day or so to change my background of my blog to something more customized, but have had no luck. So this all got me to thinking about how when you really want something to change it won't but when you don't want it to change it usually does. I also thought about how funny it is that I love to change things around the house, but when it's a change I have no control over I really don't like it at all. I dunno, maybe it's just human nature to only like the changes we can control, but it just seems kind of funny that it's that way. One would tend to think that if someone were open to one type of change they would be open to all types. But I'm a prime example of one who is not.....:p

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Does anybody.....

ACTUALLY clean their baseboards on a regular basis??? I've been cleaning my house today and noticed that the baseboards need some serious cleaning, or repainting. But who actually has time for this? I know I certainly don't. It's all I can do to stay on top of keeping toys picked up and the dishes and laundry done, cleaning the baseboards is gonna just have to wait until we eventually put our house up for sale. LOL!
But seriously, I try my hardest to keep the house clean but no matter how hard I try it doesn't seem to stay clean for long. I know we need to purge a lot of our belongings so I have less to clean up, but that's so hard to do when it's probably more likely a two person job and only one is around to do it. Okay I could probably do the purging myself, but I don't think my dear sweet hubby would like it very much if I purged some of his stuff without his knowledge. ;) What we really need to do is to move and just start over, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards anytime soon. (Not that I want to move from the town we live in now, but I wouldn't mind moving to a bigger house closer to the kids' schools)
So I guess until the time my dear sweet hubby miraculously has time off with nothing else to do or we find that trees in our backyard are sprouting money, my baseboards will have to stay dirty and my house will stay cluttered. Oh well..................

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Why can't they....

...make a vinyl tablecloth that can actually withstand normal use of a family??? I mean they make bullet proof vests, bullet proof glass and lots of other indestructible things, why can't they make a vinyl tablecloth that you can get more than barely a month's worth of use out of????

Can you tell I'm slightly hormonal? Aunt Flo is visiting this week and to be quiet honest she seems to be coming with gusto. It all started when I went to change from one pathetic looking vinyl tablecloth to another one, that I thought was in better condition as it has rarely been used. Turns out I was wrong. It had holes in it all over and I had to use packing tape to cover the holes so the kids wouldn't see the holes and make them bigger. But now the tablecloth really looks sad with all these patches of shiny tape on a matte finish tablecloth. Ugh! I mean I feel cheesy enough using vinyl tablecloths as it is, I don't need it to look worse with patches all over it.

Of course you could be asking yourself "Why doesn't she use cloth tablecloths?", well my answer to that is I don't have enough as I would be taking them off daily and washing them as my kids are close relatives to Messy Marvin! LOL! And I've tried going without vinyl tablecloths but now my poor table has dull patches on it from where I've had to use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to remove marker stains. So I've finally resorted to using vinyl tablecloths. Usually I pick up the holiday themed ones each year after a holiday is over. I can get them at half off or more and then I just store them for the next year. Well apparently last year I didn't pick up a St. Patrick's Day one or and Easter one, so I'm stuck using the orange one I got last fall. The orange doesn't look bad but it is apparently riddled with holes. So now I wonder to myself, do I bite the bullet and buy a new vinyl tablecloth, one that isn't riddled with holes, at full price or do I just close my eyes each time I pass by my table so I can ignore the shiny patches??? Aw heck, maybe I'll just wait until next week when Aunt Flo is sure to be gone and see how I feel about it all then!

Monday, March 3, 2008


Yesterday morning I came out of my bedroom to find my dear sweet hubby looking out Peaches' window. Apparently an ambulance had pulled up in front of our neighbors house and he watching to see who they were taking care of. It turned out to be our children's substitute grandmother, B. All morning long I fretted and worried about what was wrong with her. Did she have a heart attack? Did she fall and hurt herself? What???? (I don't do well with not knowing, as most of you probably know) So finally around noon I got a call from B's hubby, Mr. M. that finally put my mind at ease. Apparently B had vertigo and had kept passing out. Whew! Nothing life threatening. Boy what a relief that was. But you know, it made me think how yesterday I talked to both B and M and everything was fine. B sounded like her normal self the night before and then first thing in the morning she's taken away by an ambulance.

So all this got me to thinking again, you just never know when something not so good is going to happen. It seems like I've had a lot to open my eyes lately, as I recall doing another post about perspective since I started my blog. And while on one hand I wish I didn't have anything bad happen around me to put my life into perspective, I guess if I didn't then I wouldn't be reminded to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. I guess in a way life has it's own checks and balances system that allows us to be reminded that not everything in life is peaches and cream, but then again we also have reminders that not all in life is so bad also. Personally, I think I'd rather have more of the "life isn't so bad" reminders....