Sunday, March 9, 2008

Changes-good or bad???

It's funny because I seem to be a contradiction when it comes to changes, I like them but only sometimes. I mean I LOVE the changing of the seasons! Seriously I must be one of Mother Nature's favorite people, I welcome the changing of weather, as by the time one season is ready to end I am so ready for the new weather to come. I also LOVE to change my house up. My dear sweet hubby is always giving me a hard time because I'm always moving furniture around. He's stopped making comments about it now. Usually he just shakes his head and rolls his eyes when he comes home and sees I've moved the family room around for the umpteenth time. LOL! I also like to change my hairdo, playing with the color and the style, but right now I'm not dealing too well with change in this area, as I am trying to grow my hair out and it seems to be especially difficult this time!!! I'm so tempted to just go get it cut short again but I know my dear sweet hubby wants me to grow it out, so I'm gonna try to stick it out. But if my hair doesn't start growing like a weed here soon I may not be able to make it.
So for all those changes I enjoy, there are some I don't welcome. Like changes in my dear sweet hubby's schedule. During spring break (March 17-21) he'll have to work the late shift meaning he won't get home until 10 or later at night. He will be home in the mornings, but still it's the nighttime when I really need his assistance with the kiddos. Plus with his job he could come home any day and say that he has to go away for a week or that he has to suddenly work the midnight shift again for a while. It's these changes I really really don't like. I also don't like the idea of changing where we live, town-wise not house-wise (that's a change I would readily welcome). I've always known that with my dear sweet hubby's job transferring is a possibility but dang we've been here so long now that we have friends and schools for our kids that we really like. Now don't get all excited, we have no possibility of moving right now, but my dear sweet hubby did mention it the other day. He said that he's been in his position long enough that a transfer could be possible. When he said this I silently panicked. I don't want to move and I know the kids won't either. I'm sure they'd do fine if we did move, but I know they wouldn't want to.
So why am I talking about change, well I've been trying for a day or so to change my background of my blog to something more customized, but have had no luck. So this all got me to thinking about how when you really want something to change it won't but when you don't want it to change it usually does. I also thought about how funny it is that I love to change things around the house, but when it's a change I have no control over I really don't like it at all. I dunno, maybe it's just human nature to only like the changes we can control, but it just seems kind of funny that it's that way. One would tend to think that if someone were open to one type of change they would be open to all types. But I'm a prime example of one who is not.....:p

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Chris said...

July, love your new background!

I feel the same way about change! If it's my idea great! If it's not, forget about it! BTW, I'm growing my hair too - what a pain...