Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mother Nature

I've come to the conclusion that Mother Nature must get so relaxed here in Colorado that her sense of humor shines through a lot. Yesterday was a sunny day, granted it started out cloudy, but the sun did come out and while it was a bit chilly, the kids were able to play outside. I was also able to paint a wall in our family room. Then I woke up this morning.....
And we had snow, yep snow. I heard a commercial for a meteorologist here in Colorado shortly after we moved here and in it the man said "If you don't like the weather in Colorado, wait 5 minutes and it'll change". Boy truer words have never been said. Now I don't know if that man came up with that saying on his own or if it's one that's been around a while, but whenever I talk to someone who is new here or is visiting, I always tell them that, because it lets people know that you can't count on any weather to really stick around for long. Well okay maybe in the summer, because when it's 100+ outside it's very unlikely that it will suddenly cool off to a nice 70 degrees, but it can cool down some when the summer thunderstorms show up at night.
All in all, with all the changes that our weather does here, I wouldn't change a thing. I like the fact it can be bone chilly cold one day and then really nice the next. It keeps me from getting bored with the weather. Back in California where I grew up we had four types of weather, fog, rain, sunny days and the occasional hot day. And except for the occasional hot day, you could experience all those types of weather all year round. So there wasn't much variety really. Here we get actual seasons and a wide variety of weather, which I really like. However right now I'd sure love some nice 70* weather, you know the kind where you can have the windows open and fresh air coming in and the kids can play outside instead of running amok inside!!! :

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