Monday, March 3, 2008


Yesterday morning I came out of my bedroom to find my dear sweet hubby looking out Peaches' window. Apparently an ambulance had pulled up in front of our neighbors house and he watching to see who they were taking care of. It turned out to be our children's substitute grandmother, B. All morning long I fretted and worried about what was wrong with her. Did she have a heart attack? Did she fall and hurt herself? What???? (I don't do well with not knowing, as most of you probably know) So finally around noon I got a call from B's hubby, Mr. M. that finally put my mind at ease. Apparently B had vertigo and had kept passing out. Whew! Nothing life threatening. Boy what a relief that was. But you know, it made me think how yesterday I talked to both B and M and everything was fine. B sounded like her normal self the night before and then first thing in the morning she's taken away by an ambulance.

So all this got me to thinking again, you just never know when something not so good is going to happen. It seems like I've had a lot to open my eyes lately, as I recall doing another post about perspective since I started my blog. And while on one hand I wish I didn't have anything bad happen around me to put my life into perspective, I guess if I didn't then I wouldn't be reminded to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. I guess in a way life has it's own checks and balances system that allows us to be reminded that not everything in life is peaches and cream, but then again we also have reminders that not all in life is so bad also. Personally, I think I'd rather have more of the "life isn't so bad" reminders....

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