Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So is constantly rearranging a sign.......

.....that you just aren't happy with your house or your furniture??? I rearranged my family room and my living room this evening after dinner (we ate early) and I just know it won't last long. I never seem to be satisfied with how the rooms are arranged. I also moved the sofa from the family room into the living room and put the loveseat in the living room in the family room. But again, I'm sure that won't last long either.
I'm really hoping that with that tax incentive money the government is sending out soon that we will be able to purchase a more comfortable sofa for the family room. The loveseat is so NOT comfortable, but the sofa's fabric is not looking too hot with all the use it gets when it's in the family room. So hopefully there's a new (or lightly used) sofa in our future. Maybe then I won't be so inclined to rearrange so much.........hmmmmmm........somehow I don't think that will EVERY happen!!! LOL!

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