Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Why can't they....

...make a vinyl tablecloth that can actually withstand normal use of a family??? I mean they make bullet proof vests, bullet proof glass and lots of other indestructible things, why can't they make a vinyl tablecloth that you can get more than barely a month's worth of use out of????

Can you tell I'm slightly hormonal? Aunt Flo is visiting this week and to be quiet honest she seems to be coming with gusto. It all started when I went to change from one pathetic looking vinyl tablecloth to another one, that I thought was in better condition as it has rarely been used. Turns out I was wrong. It had holes in it all over and I had to use packing tape to cover the holes so the kids wouldn't see the holes and make them bigger. But now the tablecloth really looks sad with all these patches of shiny tape on a matte finish tablecloth. Ugh! I mean I feel cheesy enough using vinyl tablecloths as it is, I don't need it to look worse with patches all over it.

Of course you could be asking yourself "Why doesn't she use cloth tablecloths?", well my answer to that is I don't have enough as I would be taking them off daily and washing them as my kids are close relatives to Messy Marvin! LOL! And I've tried going without vinyl tablecloths but now my poor table has dull patches on it from where I've had to use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to remove marker stains. So I've finally resorted to using vinyl tablecloths. Usually I pick up the holiday themed ones each year after a holiday is over. I can get them at half off or more and then I just store them for the next year. Well apparently last year I didn't pick up a St. Patrick's Day one or and Easter one, so I'm stuck using the orange one I got last fall. The orange doesn't look bad but it is apparently riddled with holes. So now I wonder to myself, do I bite the bullet and buy a new vinyl tablecloth, one that isn't riddled with holes, at full price or do I just close my eyes each time I pass by my table so I can ignore the shiny patches??? Aw heck, maybe I'll just wait until next week when Aunt Flo is sure to be gone and see how I feel about it all then!

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