Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm cold!!!!

Dang it, I'm C-O-L-D!!!!
I'm tired of having a nice day one day and then waking up the next to cold temps or snow!!! Geesh enough is enough, people! I'm not sure as to why it is this year that the cold and snowy weather is getting to me so much, I mean this is like our 6th winter here, but for some reason I am so ready for it to end and the nice warm weather to come.
Now I'm sure if you check back with me in the middle of summer I'll be complaining about the hot weather and wanting it to cool down, but right now I'd give anything for a nice 80*-90* day! Maybe I'm experiencing a bit of cabin fever as the cold weather means that the kids and the dog all stay inside, whereas in the nice weather they all stay outside, which is much nicer for me most days.
What I want to know is why there is so much talk about global warming if we keep getting this blasted cold weather??? I know some environmentalists would have a nice reasonable answer for me, but dang it, it sure doesn't make much sense to me some days.
I guess all my moaning and groaning fit in with the old adage "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence", but if we can't complain about the weather what can we complain about???????????

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