Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mother's shouldn't be allowed to get sick

I think that once you give birth that your immune system should go into overdrive and prevent you from ever getting sick. And for those who adopt, you could get a shot that would do the same thing. But seriously, mother's shouldn't be allowed to ever get sick!!! It is so hard to be a mother who is sick and still have to take care of your house and children. Working mothers have a small advantage when it comes to getting sick, they already have some sort of day care available to them so if they are sick they can still take the kids to day care and then come home and rest. Not so for us stay-at-home moms! Nope we still have our kids around to take care of and for some reason our dear sweet hubby's don't seem to think it's all that important to take a day off so they can help out.
Currently I have a very nasty cold, that has me wanting to just curl up and not do a dang thing, but if I don't who will??? Now I don't think my dear sweet hubby should stay home for just a cold, but a few months ago when I had the flu, oh boy do I wish my dear sweet hubby had stayed home. Because I was pretty much laid up in bed, unable to do much but stare blankly at the TV, my kids had free range of the house. So my youngest, Little Man, got a hold of a red permanent marker and decorated a half wall, the tile and grout and the kitchen table and one chair!!! Now I was able to use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on the table and chair and then I repainted the half wall to cover up the marker on there, but the grout is a different story. It's still red to this day and we'll probably have to remove the grout somehow and re-grout that area, but then it won't math the rest of the kitchen grout, which has all turned a nice shade of brown, when it's supposed to be an off white. So if dear sweet hubby has stayed home that day, then we wouldn't have red grout, but oh well, hindsight's worth it's weight in gold, right???
But back to my argument about mom's not being allowed to get sick. I guess I can't really complain because I do have a pretty hardy immune system but this cold has kicked my butt so badly that it makes me wish my immune system was invincible!!! I've kind of been able to keep up with the daily tasks that keep the household running and not completely taken over by the mess and clutter we create each day, but dang, I just know that when I am finally feeling better I'm gonna have a lot of things I'm gonna want to do to make the house how I think it should be. Maybe I'll feel better in time for the weekend, so I can have two whole days to whip my house back into shape!!!!

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Bee said...

{{{Jullie}}} I didn't know you were sick! I hope by now you're feeling lots better.

Ain't it the truth about men?! When I have a cold, he still wants to know what's for supper and did I wash his clothes. When he has one, he wants to go to bed for a week and whine, loudly, the whole time.

He does go to work, so I shouldn't be so hard on him. But sometimes I just want to throttle him!

Youtake care of YOU!