Friday, May 2, 2008

Obsess much???

Have you ever gotten your mind set on one thing and just couldn't focus on anything else until that one thing was taken care of??? Well, that's kind of what I'm going through right now. You see one day I was perusing Craig's List, a very bad pass time, and found a free piano on there. Now granted I had no real desire to have a piano before this but there was a picture and it was an antique upright piano and I fell in L-O-V-E with it. So I emailed them, as there was no number to call, but they never contacted me back and the listing disappeared, so apparently someone else got it. :(
Did I accept this fate and move on with my life???? Ummm, no. No instead I became obsessed with finding another free piano on there. I had decided that an antique upright piano was just what my living room needed. And granted I still feel this way, I think it would just make the room feel like something other than storage for more formal furniture. My mother calls formal living rooms "useless rooms" and to be perfectly honest, she's right. I mean really, who ever uses their formal living room on a daily basis for something other than storing their nice "company" furniture??? Not me, that's for sure.
For a while we used the living room as a play room, so the kids could play downstairs while my dear sweet hubby slept in the afternoons when he was starting work at midnight. But that was not a great plan as that meant that all their toys and mess could be seen from the front door whenever you answered it. So we swapped the loft and living room back to the way they were. But this meant that the living room went back to being the "useless room" again. It's only real purpose was to hold the Christmas tree, otherwise it just sat there unused.
I know what you are probably thinking, well okay at least I know what my mom and my dear sweet hubby are thinking "What makes you think having an antique upright piano in there is going to make the room more used?" Well, at first the piano will have a novelty to it so the kids will want to play on it and Peaches has actually shown interest in learning how to play a piano, so it could get used that way. And while it probably won't be used as much as say our family room or kitchen, it will get used more than it gets used at the moment. 'Cause right now it just collects dust and the kids' stuff.
So maybe, just maybe, with a piano in there it will be more than just a storage room and an actual area that living takes place.......

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