Tuesday, June 10, 2008

If it's not one, it's another

Well the rain stopped but now we have the heat. Guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, eh? The visit with my SIL went well and I am missing my niece something awful. I was able to get the house clean but now I've created a whole new mess for myself. I moved all three kids into the same bedroom and now have the extra room to turn into a guest room. This means I need to clean out the room of the straggler toys and objects belonging to Peaches, who last occupied the room. This also means that I have to finish cleaning out the toys from the room of Little Man and Tink. I'm going to enforce the rule of no toys in the bedroom in hopes of keeping all the toys in one room and making it easier to contain the mess that goes along with them.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Whew I crack myself up. I have absolutely no hope of containing the mess that goes along with toys until all those blasted toys are out of my house. I already have about 6 boxes of toys to donate and I'm sure I'll have more once I go through the toys I pulled out of Little Man and Tink's room. My children are creative and resourceful so I'm sure they don't NEED all these toys and it would sure make my life easier to not have so many laying around.

Well I think I'll sign off now and go find a cooler spot in the house. I hate to turn on the A/C because of the cost of running it, but I guess everyone has their limits as far as heat goes and I'm about to hit mine as I CANNOT sleep in heat, hence the reason I moved my bed in front of the window and try to sleep with it open. Why do I say "try" you ask? Well there is a train track near our house and inevitably the train goes by right as I'm falling asleep and it blares it's horn like it's trying to wake the dead. So I TRY to sleep with the window, but most nights it doesn't happen. Oh well it's a nice though to sleep with cool fresh air coming in but I guess I'll have to move further away from the train track to do so......

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