Monday, July 28, 2008

What's that they say about.....

.....the truth being a bitter pill to swallow? I tried looking for the actual quote but apparently no one has the original author of it, 'cause I couldn't find it. But in this situation the truth is most certainly a bitter pill to swallow. I got some truth this morning that was most certainly hard to swallow. I was originally going to share it on here, but have since developed reservations in doing so. But if you know me personally please be assured that it is not a health issue with me or my dear sweet hubby or children. We are all as healthy as can be. Let's just say that our financial situation is worse than I believed it to be. I knew money was tight, it always has been for us, but my dear sweet hubby and I had an argument last night about money which lead to a discussion this morning that lead to the truth coming out. I think my dear sweet hubby hadn't told me in order to protect me, but I'm glad he told me. I wish the situation wasn't so, but at least now I can go forth with all the knowledge there is to be had. If anything, I hate being left in the dark. I grew up very naive to a lot of things my peers knew about, which ended up making me feel less than equal to them. But now that I have matured I know that being equal with your peers isn't all it's cracked up to be.
As always, thank you for letting me vent. I can move on with my day feeling a teeny tiny bit lighter in the troubles and worries department. Anyway, I should get back to cleaning, something I always tend to do when things are beyond my immediate control. So I'll spend the day in my little cocoon cleaning and doing laundry, while my blissfully ignorant children play. Oh they know we don't have a lot of money but to them money isn't everything. Something I wish everyone could retain as they got older. How great would life be if people didn't put so much importance on having money and all the things it can buy?????????

Friday, July 18, 2008

I hit 500!!!

I put a counter on here to see if people actually visited my blog and lo and behold 500 have now done so!!! Woo Hoo!!!! Now I don't know how many of those are repeats, but still it's kind of exciting.
So a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who have visited my blog. It's kind of flattering to think that so many are interested in what I might have to say. :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Is it Saturday yet????

Ah yes, the music is back, thank goodness but now the kiddos are on full court press when it comes to irritating each other. I swear they must just wake up each morning and wonder "how many times can I press my siblings buttons and tick Mom off?" It was a little bit better when my in-laws were visiting, but they still have a tendency to get jealous of each other, which I know is normal, but gets a tad bit irritating to me having to be with them 24/7. So now we are in the middle of visits, with my in-laws having left last Wednesday and my sister's family due to arrive this Saturday. I know it will be better next week as we will be active enough to keep them all occupied, but I fear the week will fly by all too fast. So I'm preparing myself for soaking up every minute of the visit.
After my sister's family leaves it's about 3 weeks until school starts, so it won't be too long till my sanity returns. On the plus side I won't have to worry about starting to clean for the next visitor as they won't be here until the end of September. So maybe the kids will be less likely to fight if I'm not constantly clean some part of the house??? Maybe?????? Just maybe?????

Friday, July 11, 2008

My computer is silent....:(

No, the speakers are working just fine, it's my playlist that isn't working. For the past day or so I haven't been able to listen to my tunes that I have on my playlist on this blog. I'm starting to go through withdrawals! Not being able to listen to my music has made a tad bit cranky the past few days. Of course the crankiness could be from the heat, it's quite warm here, hot to some, but considering it's still under 100* and my poor mom is suffering with 110* weather, I'll just say it's quite warm.
Anyway, at first I thought it was just my playlist so I tried to fiddle with a few things to see if I could get it work right, but then I went to some other friends I have that playlists on their blogs and theirs aren't working either, so I feel a little bit better. Still.......I WANT MY MUSIC!!!!! Oh the horror of having to deal with my three fighting all day and not being able to have something to calm me down some. UGH! I so wish I could just make a CD with all the tunes on my playlist, but I can't. I think there is some way to do it but it's really long and complicated for a barely computer literate person like me.
I just tried something that was suggested by Project Playlist, so we'll see if that gets it to work. I sure hope it does or I'm really gonna be lost..........
Okay so far not so good. It's isn't starting, so I'm assuming that it didn't work. I just think there is a problem with Project Playlist!!!
Nope didn't work. I think I'm just gonna give up and try again after the weekend. Just keep your fingers crossed I don't lose it before then!!!!! :s

UPDATE: As of Sunday, July 13th my music is back!!!!! PROBLEM SOLVED!!!! :)