Friday, July 11, 2008

My computer is silent....:(

No, the speakers are working just fine, it's my playlist that isn't working. For the past day or so I haven't been able to listen to my tunes that I have on my playlist on this blog. I'm starting to go through withdrawals! Not being able to listen to my music has made a tad bit cranky the past few days. Of course the crankiness could be from the heat, it's quite warm here, hot to some, but considering it's still under 100* and my poor mom is suffering with 110* weather, I'll just say it's quite warm.
Anyway, at first I thought it was just my playlist so I tried to fiddle with a few things to see if I could get it work right, but then I went to some other friends I have that playlists on their blogs and theirs aren't working either, so I feel a little bit better. Still.......I WANT MY MUSIC!!!!! Oh the horror of having to deal with my three fighting all day and not being able to have something to calm me down some. UGH! I so wish I could just make a CD with all the tunes on my playlist, but I can't. I think there is some way to do it but it's really long and complicated for a barely computer literate person like me.
I just tried something that was suggested by Project Playlist, so we'll see if that gets it to work. I sure hope it does or I'm really gonna be lost..........
Okay so far not so good. It's isn't starting, so I'm assuming that it didn't work. I just think there is a problem with Project Playlist!!!
Nope didn't work. I think I'm just gonna give up and try again after the weekend. Just keep your fingers crossed I don't lose it before then!!!!! :s

UPDATE: As of Sunday, July 13th my music is back!!!!! PROBLEM SOLVED!!!! :)

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