Wednesday, August 6, 2008


You know I've realized I seem to do a lot of complaining on this blog and I don't mean to, but my dear sweet hubby works so hard that I hate to burden him with my complaints, plus he knows most of them anyway. But I was changing a few things on here today and decided to do a post on all that I am grateful for. We all need to stop and reflect on all the good things we have every now and then, so today I will do so.....
The first thing I am grateful for is my dear sweet hubby. It amazes me that he fell in love with me to begin with but I find it even more surprising that I have been able to keep his affections for the past 15 years!!! Guess I must be doing something right. He is a man of few words when it comes to compliments but I know the love is there, he just doesn't always express it. And my favorite part of the day is when he comes home and the kids are so excited to see him. I LOVE watching them all interact.
Speaking of the kiddos, they are the second thing I am very grateful for. Oh sure during the summer I'm ready to sell them to the traveling gypsies but I would never actually go through with it. I mean, today for instance, I had to tell them that they couldn't be in the same room as another kid. Meaning all three had to be in separate rooms. There was peace for quite a while, the rest of the night actually. Maybe I'll have to continue with this rule.
But I digress...At night my favorite thing to do is to go in their room (yes they actually share a room) and watch them sleep. They are so young and innocent, that you can't help but forget all they've done during the day, well okay except for Little Man pooping on my computer chair, ugh the joys of potty training.
The third thing I am grateful for is my extended family. They all show us so much support that it really doesn't feel like they are that far away sometimes. We just don't have the luxury of just dropping by for a visit on a moments notice, oh wait maybe that's a good thing??? Just kidding, as maybe my house would stay cleaner if I knew family could just drop by....maybe!
I am also so very grateful for all my friends in real life and on the web, they sure can help pick a girls spirits up when she needs it. Really every single one of you is so very special to me and you will always remain so.
Okay I'm getting teary eyed now, so I'm gonna stop before I'm all out bawling. Dear sweet hubby is exhausted tonight so he's gone to bed early and I just got the kids down so I have some ME time, which is oh so rare. Time to goof around on the 'puter...


Bee said...

Well, why wouldn't he fall in love with you?! You're pretty darn wonderful. Thanks for making me remember how rich my life is in spite of the fact that I don't have a boat load of money!

Doodles said...

I love reading and seeing your blog Jules.........and trust me money is not nearly important as family and friends.