Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hi my name is July and I'm a coffeeholic :)

Yep folks, I've finally joined the league of Americans that can't seem to get through my day without that lovely cup of joe. To be honest I never thought I would become one because I loved the smell of coffee but didn't like the taste. Well it's amazing what some chocolate Nesquick and half and half can do to make a cup of coffee taste good! Now I have to have at least one cup and this morning I'm actually on my second cup. I actually look forward to that cup of coffee as I'm getting ready for the day. And I've considered moving my coffee maker into my bathroom so I don't have to go ALL the way downstairs to get my fix. But I thought that was a bit extreme so I didn't move it. ;)
Okay folks, this is gonna be short because that second cup is starting to "effect" me if you know what I mean! LOL

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