Thursday, September 18, 2008

I forgot how much I love to read!

Now I know that sounds silly, because really how can you forget something like that, but I did. In my 7 1/2 years as a mother reading for my own pleasure took a back seat to reading to my children. But now that I'm starting to get a smidgen of down time other than at night when I'm usually tired, I'm remembering how much I love to read.
Currently I'm finishing up a book called "The Book of Animal Ignorance: Everything that you know is wrong" and it's amazing what I'm learning, like did you know herring fart constantly??? That's why dolphin's can find them so easily as they hear the herring fart.
Also currently I'm starting Anderson Cooper's book "Dispatches from the Edge", which is so fascinating that I'm wishing I was done with the other book so I could just read this one.
Then of course I put another book on hold when it was returned called "Song Yet Sung" about a slave uprising and it's come in so now I have that one waiting for me. I may have to go check it out and just keep renewing it as long as they let me till I can get it read. Which makes me long can you renew a book before they finally make you return it??? Guess I should figure that one out.
And eventually my hold will come up for another book called American Wife, but considering I'm like #20 out of 25 holds, I probably should be ready to read that one quickly so the next person doesn't have to wait too long for it.
Of course all this reading is keeping me from finishing up two cross-stitches I have to do for two little girls I know. But eventually I'll get around to finishing them, just in time for the little girls' 21st birthdays! LOL

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dede said...

hey! I am so glad I found you (thanks to your sis!)! I love your blog - you are every bit as funny and clever as I remember!! I am excited to check up on you often! My blog is - come on by!