Tuesday, September 30, 2008

She's gone....:(

My beloved mommy came to visit me for a whole week and now that week is over!!!!!
I'm so sad it's not even funny. I mean we do keep in touch enough that it really doesn't feel that long in between visits, (I last saw her at Christmas 2006!) but having her every day to go shopping with and to help at night with cooking, it made me realize how much I miss that daily contact. But since I highly doubt she and my stepdad will move out of California and I know we are more than likely never going to move back to California, I doubt I will ever have that daily contact again. Guess I just gotta work on getting to a point in our lives that we can make more frequent trips out to visit!

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dede said...

I think I take for granted having my mom around - I will call her and go out to lunch this week (in honor of you and your mom!!)!