Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I must let my kids dress themselves.... I MUST let my kids dress themselves.... I....MUST.....LET.....MY.....KIDS......DRESS......THEMSELVES

Seriously for me one of the hardest things about being a mother is letting my children dress themselves. No, no, no I'm not talking about them putting their own clothes on themselves, I'm talking about picking out their outfits BY THEMSELVES!!!

For someone who, regrettably, has spent 99.9% of her life caring what other people thought about what she wears, allowing my children to match up their own outfits is darn right terrifying!!

Tink is probably the worst one when it comes to being able to actually get her outfit to match. It's her belief that if the shirt and the pants both have flowers on them, then they match. Never mind the fact that one has small pink flowers and the other has a rainbow of large flowers, they match in her eyes. Plus she HAS to pair her outfit with her favorite froggy rain boots. Because everyone knows that a bright green pair of froggy rain boots goes with everything, right???

Peaches is a bit better, but when she wants to look pretty she always wears her "Dorothy" shoes, you know the ones that are red and sparkly. For example this morning she wore a pink sundress with a long sleeved white t-shirt under it, but she wanted to wear her "Dorothy" shoes and they hurt if she wears them without socks, so she put on a pair of sweat socks. UGH! I couldn't do it people, I just couldn't do it. I had to say something, so I told her she either had to change her shoes or her socks, as that just didn't look right. So what does she do???? She gets a pair of tights that have a white background and multi colored dots on them, including a pink that went with her dress. Again I felt the urge to say something but held back. I just sighed and said, okay.

Little Man, well he's only 3 1/2 so he can't be expected to really match up his shirts and pants, but he actually does a pretty good job. HOWEVER, for a boy he changes his outfit more times in one day then his dad does in a week!!! Well okay, he probably doesn't change his outfit more than 7 times a day, but he does change it a lot. If he gets his shirt the slightest bit wet he has to change it, even though I keep telling him that it will dry. Needless to say I do a lot more of his laundry than anyone else's. And I'm actually considering locking his clothes up so he can't just change them when the whim hits him.

Now back to letting them pick out their own outfits......what do you other moms do? Do you allow them free choice when it comes to getting dressed? Or do you pick out certain outfits and let them choose between them? You see I always make sure they are dressed appropriately for the weather, but after pulling out 5 outfit choices for Tink and having her turn them all down, I just leave the room and hope, against all hope, that she comes out of her room with something that doesn't look like she just left her act as a circus clown......

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Do we have them when our children are concerned???

For any parent of more than one child I know there have probably been times when you "like" one child better than the others ('cause we all know we love all our children the same amount). But in all honesty is it that we "like" them better at that moment or are we just having a special connection at that moment with that particular child???

What got me to thinking about this? Well last night after I put the kids to bed I went downstairs to finish the last 20 pages of my book on the Lizzie Borden murders (She didn't do it, if you were wondering) when Little Man came down saying "I wanna snuggle witch you". So, I said okay thinking that if I just sat and continued to read silently to myself (I wasn't going to read to him from that book) while he sat in my lap he'd either get bored and go back to bed or he'd fall asleep with the rocking of the chair I was in. Well he did get bored, so I took him back upstairs and decided to watch Dancing With The Stars as I was done with my book. Well lo and behold he came downstairs again saying again "I wanna snuggle witch you". So again I let him. I'm not sure why I did this time, as it was close to 9, WAY past his bedtime, but I did. Anyway I rocked away as I watch DWTS and sure as shootin' he fell asleep. I took him upstairs at almost 10 and finished watching my show before heading to bed myself.

But it was on one of my trips upstairs with him that I wondered to myself, did I let him stay up later and snuggle with me because he was my favorite or because he was my baby, or maybe it was just because it was a special moment for the two of us to share??? I still don't know the answer to those questions and I wonder if I ever will.

Part of me thinks it is because he's my "Little Man" and I've always wanted a son, I mean I wanted daughters too but there was just something about the idea of having a son to adore me that I've always longed for.

Then another part of me thinks it's because he's the youngest and therefore my baby. Maybe I tend to baby him more because there isn't another one younger than him that needs more taking care of.

Of course there is also the possibility that it was just a special moment for us to share and one I'll always treasure. I mean my Dear Sweet Hubby was snoring away and the dog isn't much company when he's snoring too. So the idea of having some company to snuggle with was appealing. But would I have done the same if it had been Peaches or Tink who came downstairs saying they wanted to snuggle with me???

I'd like to think that I would have done it no matter who it was (although Peaches is getting a tad bit too big to share the recliner with me these days), but I guess the only way I'll know for sure is if one night while I'm alone sitting downstairs reading one of the girls comes downstairs and says "I wanna snuggle witch you". :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Memory, oh memory, how I miss thee!!!

You know the other day I had a ton of ideas of what to write in my blog and I should have written them down on a note pad but I didn't and now when I have the time to sit down and write I can't remember a single idea. Geesh, I miss my memory as it was such a nice thing to have. I can distinctly remember my mother telling me that after the second pregnancy "Pregnant Brain" sticks, so I can only assume that if you have more than two kids you are just basically doomed. ;) Huh, I can remember her saying that to me over 5 years ago but I can't remember things I thought of two days ago????? Oh man it stinks to get older.....:(

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I hope I never do #46, but I have done #7 about 20 some odd times :)

I got this idea of my friend's blog and it was fun. But I now know that I seriously need to try and check more off of this list. I haven't done as many as I would have liked to....
1. Started your own blog 2. Slept under the stars 3. Played in a band 4. Visited Hawaii 5. Watched a meteor shower 6. Given more than you can afford to charity 7. Been to Disneyland 8. Climbed a mountain 9. Held a praying mantis 10. Sang a solo 11. Bungee jumped 12. Visited Paris 13. Watched a lightning storm at sea
14. Taught yourself an art from scratch 15. Adopted a child 16. Had food poisoning 17. Walked to the top of the Statue of Liberty 18. Grown your own vegetables 19. Seen the Mona Lisa in France 20. Slept on an overnight train 21. Had a pillow fight 22. Hitch hiked 23. Taken a sick day when you’re not ill 24. Built a snow fort 25. Held a lamb 26. Gone skinny dipping 27. Run a Marathon 28. Ridden in a gondola in Venice 29. Seen a total eclipse 30. Watched a sunrise or sunset 31. Hit a home run 32. Been on a cruise 33. Seen Niagara Falls in person 34. Visited the birthplace of your ancestors 35. Seen an Amish community 36. Taught yourself a new language 37. Had enough money to be truly satisfied 38. Seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa in person 39. Gone rock climbing 40. Seen Michelangelo’s David 41. Sung karaoke 42. Seen Old Faithful geyser erupt 43. Bought a stranger a meal at a restaurant 44. Visited Africa 45. Walked on a beach by moonlight 46. Been transported in an ambulance 47. Had your portrait painted (do self portraits count???) 48. Gone deep sea fishing 49. Seen the Sistine Chapel in person 50. Been to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris 51. Gone scuba diving or snorkeling 52. Kissed in the rain 53. Played in the mud 54. Gone to a drive-in theater 55. Been in a movie 56. Visited the Great Wall of China 57. Started a business 58. Taken a martial arts class 59. Visited Russia 60. Served at a soup kitchen 61. Sold Girl Scout Cookies62. Gone whale watching 63. Got flowers for no reason 64. Donated blood, platelets or plasma 65. Gone sky diving 66. Visited a Nazi Concentration Camp 67. Bounced a check 68. Flown in a helicopter 69. Saved a favorite childhood toy 70. Visited the Lincoln Memorial 71. Eaten Caviar 72. Pieced a quilt 73. Stood in Times Square 74. Toured the Everglades 75. Been fired from a job 76. Seen the Changing of the Guards in London 77. Broken a bone 78. Been on a speeding motorcycle 79. Seen the Grand Canyon in person 80. Published a book 81. Visited the Vatican 82. Bought a brand new car 83. Walked in Jerusalem 84. Had your picture in the newspaper 85. Read the entire Bible 86. Visited the White House 87. Killed and prepared an animal for eating (we can count fish right???)88. Had chickenpox 89. Saved someone’s life 90. Sat on a jury 91. Met someone famous 92. Joined a book club 93. Lost a loved one 94. Had a baby 95. Seen the Alamo in person 96. Swam in the Great Salt Lake 97. Been involved in a law suit 98. Owned a cell phone 99. Been stung by a bee 100. Talked your way out of a ticket
If you want to do this too, just copy and paste into your own blog and put all the ones you've done in bold print. :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Now Showing: Return to the Land of the Living

Yes folks, I feel that today I have finally returned to the land of the living. Geesh it has only taken me 10 days to get here, but I'm here. Granted I still hack like I've been smoking for the past 30 years, at least two packs a day, and my voice is not back to normal, but I no longer feel like I'm in some energy sucking fog. You know this has been the strangest cold (if that's what it is) I've ever had. I'll explain.......

It all started on Tuesday the 14th. I was child free and went to a baby shower for a dear friend of mine who is brave enough to have her 4th child on purpose (love ya Toni). Well during the course of the shower I felt my throat get soar and my voice started to go all wonky on me. These are always the first signs of a cold, so I knew what was coming. By that evening I had no voice to speak of, literally, and I had to whisper everything to the kiddos. The voice continued to elude me for the next few days and the congestion got a little worse. But then on Saturday I felt good enough to paint the room we had been using as a guest room in order to move Little Man back in there. You see three kids in a small bedroom is not a good idea. Now if the room was much bigger it would be do-able, but not in the size room we have. Anyway, I painted on Saturday and then moved his furniture in there on Sunday. So I must have felt somewhat normal, even if I was popping Dayquil like it was candy.

Then came Monday....

Monday everything got worse again. It was almost as if my body was saying to me "Yo, woman, SLOW DOWN!!!" Everything started going into the toilet again, but it wasn't as bad as it got on Tuesday....

Tuesday afternoon I started to feel like I had that achy flu (not the toss your cookies kind) and I could barely move at all. I absolutely dreaded going to pick Peaches from school, as that meant I had to actually move! Wednesday morning I was a little bit better but not much, but OH! then came Wednesday afternoon....

Wednesday afternoon I no longer felt like I had the flu but dang it felt like someone had put 1 ton bricks on my cheek bones. I knew this meant I was having sinus pressure and wondered if I had a sinus infection. That whole night I was just hoping that someone would just knock me out as then I wouldn't feel the pressure anymore. Thank Heavens for Nyquil!!!

Thursday morning I no longer had that sinus pressure, thank goodness, but I still felt like something you find on the bottom of your shoe. Shortly before dinner I did begin to feel somewhat normal and actually did the dishes!!! First time in oh about 4 days, it was bad!

Then this morning, besides hacking up a million loogeys in the shower, I'm feeling somewhat normal!!! I no longer resemble a cast member of one of those "Night of the Living Dead" movies. I'm still congested and I still hack, which by the way is really starting to hurt, and my throat is still sore, but like I said earlier I no longer feel like I'm in that energy sucking fog.

Now while I was lying on the couch trying to conserve enough energy to pick up one kid or another, I came up with an acronym. Bare with me, it's a bit of a stretch but it what I think the word MOTHER should stand for:
M ade
O f
T he
H ardiest
E -mmune system
'R ound
Now I realize that the word immune doesn't start with an E but that's what I had to work with people. I truly think that once you've either given birth or adopted a baby you should automatically get an immune system that can fight off any and all germs and virus'. I mean it's not easy and it really stinks to be a mother when you are sick yourself and have no one to take over for you. Thankfully the kiddos are all old enough that they can do most things for themselves, but then again there's Little Man who thinks he's old enough to do lots of things and Heaven knows he isn't, which is oh so scary......even scarier than one of those "Night of the Living Dead" movies!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I just have one thing to say.....

More another day when I feel better..............

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My house has a bad case of C.H.A.O.S!!!

Now you're probably wondering what C.H.A.O.S. is, well I'll tell ya: It stands for
C an't
H ave
A nyone
O ver
S yndrome
Pretty cool acronym, huh? I found it on a cleaning website that I didn't have time to really check out. Of course you'd think since I didn't have time to check it out I would have been cleaning, but if I was it sure doesn't look like it.

It's hard being the sole person out of a family of 5 who cleans up. Granted the other adult in the family works two jobs so he has like no free time to help clean up, but the kids are 3, 5, & 7 so they should be able to help pick up after themselves. Notice I said "should"???? So I've come up with a plan, if it isn't cleaned up before bedtime it goes in the trash, if it's left out in the backyard and doesn't belong there it goes in the trash and since I've moved Little Man back into his own bedroom again, what toys don't fit into their room gets donated! I'm so tired of having toys all over the floor, so I'm gonna have to institute some strict rules about those lovely things.

Now I know some of you are probably shaking your heads and thinking "Is this woman for real? She's got three kids under the age of 8 and she can't stand toys all over?" Well yes, and with our kids getting older, which in reality means bigger and no chance of us moving into a bigger house anytime soon, I have to nip this in the bud while I can. 99% of the time the kids don't even play with most of their toys, they're too busy making games up with their imagination. So why do we need all these toys all over the place if they aren't getting played with? Shouldn't they go to a child who would actually love and use them? I think so.

Plus it's so dang embarrassing to say you can't have people over because your house is a disaster area. I hate opening my door as the house is such a disaster, even looking in from the front door. I feel like the world's worst housekeeper. I could understand the state of our house if I worked full time but since I don't I would think I'd have a chance to keep it cleaner, but apparently not.

Of course the cold I've had for the past week and a half hasn't helped matters. It's hard to get a good cleaning done when you start hacking up a lung or two 5 minutes after you get going! Earlier I was cleaning up the loft by putting the toys that were in here into the kids' rooms, but starting hacking so thought I'd sit down at the computer for a bit. (All the kids are in school this morning, so I have the ability to do this now)

It probably doesn't help that my dear sweet hubby and I are pack rats that are trying to reform themselves by purging. I mean the kids just learned their hoarding tendencies from us, but recently my DSH and I have decided we can't and don't need to save ALL the crap we have. I've been trying real hard to go through stuff, but it isn't easy when dear sweet hubby isn't home to help me determine if something needs to be saved. But hopefully in the near future he will stop working this blasted night shift and get back to his normal work hours so we can try to go through boxes at night after the kids are in bed. Again, notice I said "try" and not "will", as after three kids I've learned to never commit myself to anything but taking life one day at a time.....

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sometimes I hate the written word

I know, I know, for someone who seems to write a lot on her blog how can I hate the written word??? Well I'll tell ya, because sometimes it can be taken the wrong way and people's feelings can get hurt. Far too often in the past I've written something to someone and it's come out all wrong. I could have been hurt when I wrote it but it came across as being mean and snotty.

But that's not the exact reason for this post....

The real reason is based on a message board I've belonged to for a while. It all started in the summer when something was written out of general cuiosity and several people took it the wrong way. Well ever since then there has been an unspoken divide on this board, where everyone used to consider everyone else extended family they've never met. And it was after all this occurred that I stopped going there so often. I'm still in contact with some of my favorite people from that board and I don't plan to ever stop, but again there's been some disagreement over the written word that has been blown WAY out of proportion. So much so that my own mother, who is a member, has had her feelings hurt enough to stop going to this message board altogether. The worst part is that she's the one that told me all about how great a place this was. And to be quite frank it was a great place but now, not so much.

(OMG I just found where the kids hid our old fly swatter, but I digress)

So back to what I was writing, if some how some way we could write something and make sure that the people reading it take it as it's meant to be taken then I'd have no problem with the written word. But since people have minds of their own it's impossible to make sure that everyone reads what you've written in the manner it's meant.

So with all that said, I hope with all that I am and ever will be, that I never write anything in this blog that may offend, hurt, anger or cause emotional harm to anyone reading it. This blog is just meant to be an open diary for me to express my feelings instead of bottling them in. So while you read this just keep telling yourself that the following is just the opinions of a slightly crazy woman in Colorado....;)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Okay, I'm changing the name...

...I've thought and thought and thought about it and I like the name Project: Motherhood better than July in Wonderland. I mean my world will always be a Wonderland and I did star as Alice in a school play once, but I think right now Project: Motherhood suits my life best. I mean my whole world is a project of trying to master this thing called motherhood. I doubt I will ever really truly concur the project and be THE perfect mother, none of us ever will, but I'm gonna try to do my best, just like with everything in life. So now bare with me as I try to master my project and do the best that I can in raising my three beautiful children.......

Taking a break.....

...I've spent all morning and early afternoon cleaning my house as boy oh boy did it need it. It's amazing what a few days of not picking up and vacuuming can do to a house. Geesh, it just reinforces my theory that I AM the only one who picks up around here. But now I've decided to let the kids watch Bindi, the Jungle Girl while I take a breather and sit down to check email. Which actually brings me to why I'm doing this post.......

I had parent-teacher conferences yesterday and both girls are doing beautifully. Tinkerbell needs to learn to pay attention more and not talk to her classmates while the teacher is talking but other than that her teacher says she's a kind and smart girl. None of that was news to us, we all know how sweet and smart Tink is and we most certainly know how much she LOVES to talk! Wonder where she got that from????? ;)

Now for Peaches, man that girl just makes us more and more proud with each conference. I learned yesterday that she is reading at a FIFTH GRADE LEVEL!!!! Yep my little second grader is reading at a 5th grade level! I knew she was good at reading, but dang a 5th grade level??? I just might have to let her do more reading at night and just sit and relax instead of doing all the reading myself. And to be honest the teacher didn't say one negative thing about her. She pays attention in class, she's enthusiastic for everything they learn and she just generally loves school. Again no surprises there, well except that 5th grade reading level, that blew me away!!

Now Little Man doesn't have parent-teacher conferences as I talk to his teacher each day he has school and she says he's doing wonderfully. So wonderfully in fact that she kind of wishes she had a class full of my little man. Of course I can't blame her. I mean who wouldn't want a class full of cute little charmers who have an uncanny ability to mess up but still make you laugh and smile instead of getting mad at him???

But actually that wasn't the real reason I wanted to post today. The real reason is that I had a 'moment' the other night and it was such a nice surprise that I wanted to share it. It was around dinner time and the house was basically chaos, which it is most every day, but all three kids were sitting at the table and doing various things. Peaches was doing her homework and I was helping her, when it suddenly hit me........I love being a parent to these three children!!! Now that may seem silly that it just dawned on me, but after a trying day the last thing that usually comes to mind is how much you love the chaos. Most of the time after a trying day the only thing you love is bedtime! LOL But at that moment I thought to myself, "I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world!" Another factor that makes this revelation even more amazing is that 'Aunt Flo' was visiting, if you know what I mean. So patience was not abundant and grouchiness was, so to have a realization that you are extremely happy in your chaotic situation, no matter how frustrating, is truly amazing.

In the end what it boils down to is that I have three healthy and beautiful children who need me and love me unconditionally and because of that fact I am extremely blessed and should enjoy every moment of chaos they give me!!! (no matter how frustrating it may be!)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Can I scream now???

First, a little history before I tell you why I want to scream....

When we moved to Colorado 5 years ago my dear sweet hubby was working the 'pre-load' shift at his job, where he had to work Tuesday through Saturday from midnight to until about 10 in the morning. At first he tried to go to bed as soon as he got home and then he'd wake for dinner with the family and then he'd go back to bed again. But we soon realized that while it was nice to have him there for dinner it made it so he didn't get any good sleep. So since the girls were both young ( 7 months and 2 1/2 at that point) and not in school we just made our family time in the middle of the day.

Then a year and a half later when Little Man entered the picture he was finally able to stop working that shift and work a normal one. It was so lovely, until the day he came home with not only roses but chocolate as well. I knew something was up and yep it was. The guy they hired to replace dear sweet hubby in that nasty 'pre-load' shift had up and quit. So he went back to working that shift for about 9 months again. Ugh, was that hard, as now there were 3 kids to deal with. Well finally the day came that he got to work a normal shift again and it was so lovely again. That all happened about a year and a half ago.

Now on occasion he's had to work that 'pre-load' shift again to cover for the replacement they finally found, but usually it's only for a week at a time and spaced out. Well about a month ago the part time manager who also works the 'pre-load' shift had elective back surgery so now dear sweet hubby and one other manager have to take turns doing this guy's job until he is cleared for doing the heavy lifting. At first dear sweet hubby's boss wanted him and the other manager to switch off each week, but come on, a body can't switch from sleeping during the day to sleeping during the night on a weekly basis. So they decided to do it every two weeks.

So now here comes the reason I want to scream.......

We are at the tail end of dear sweet hubby's second week, which would mean he'd be working normal next week. Well it would if the other manager didn't have to train some new drivers, a task dear sweet hubby hasn't been taught yet so he can't do it. So this morning dear sweet hubby tells me he has to work the next two weeks in 'pre-load'. WHAT??? I have to do this whole single parent thing for another blasted two weeks??? Great I guess that means I get to take them trick-or-treating by myself again this he says, he'll nap as soon as he gets home and wake up to do the trick-or-treating. You'll be tired, I say. So? he replies, I want to be there.

And then if that wasn't enough.....

THEN dear sweet hubby tells me that the manager who replaced him wants to transfer to the Denver facility which would mean that his job as 'pre-load' manager would be open again!!! You know it probably wasn't a very good idea of dear sweet hubby's to tell me this while I'm driving as I immediately turned to him and said "H*** NO!!!" (good thing there weren't any other cars around us) But dear sweet hubby reassured me he will absolutely not allow them to move him back into that shift. We both agreed it was fine when the kids were younger but now that they are all in school there's school functions and parent-teacher conferences to attend that I can't go to all by myself. Speaking of parent-teacher conferences, I have to go to two of them here in an hour by myself, well okay, not exactly by myself as I have to take all three kids with me, because dear sweet hubby is currently sleeping.

But I guess things could be worse, I mean he could find out that he HAS to move back into that shift and my nightmare of becoming pregnant with triplets could come true...............

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ahhh the things we take for granted

It's at a time like this that I am reminded of all I take for granted on a daily basis and don't realize that I do. It just takes one little thing to snap you back into realizing that you've been a lax in being thankful for all that you have.

What am I referring to, you ask??? Well vision, breathing and my voice to be exact.

You see right now I have a cold, one that has made breathing a tad bit difficult and has at times robbed me of my voice, causing me to whisper in order to communicate. And it's not until I get a cold like this that I realize how much I take breathing and my voice for granted. I know that there are many ways of communicating, heck I even took a class on sign language in junior college, but when you are a mom of three children under the age of 8, being able to yell instructions or reprimands is almost a necessity. Because the "I'll just sit here silent until they realize I'm no longer yelling" approach doesn't always work.

And as an asthmatic colds have an extra punch to them, as they make it even harder to breathe than it already can be normally. Thankfully I do have medications to help my breathing, but it still doesn't make it any easier to get through.

And as for my sight, I just picked up my new glasses today and Heaven help me did I need them. The glasses I've been wearing since March of this year are actually the glasses I got in December of 2003. You see the ones I got in December of 2005 got broken when I was given a hug while sitting down. Unable to glue them back together, I resorted to wearing the older pair until we got in to see the optometrist. Well between money and time being tight, we finally made it in the first week of September. Unfortunately my glasses showed up the first time with no UV protection so they got sent back, but when they came back in they didn't have enough UV protection so again they went back! Now a whopping 6 weeks later they have finally come in with the right amount of UV protection. It had taken so long that I actually forgot what they looked like!!! I even had a dream one night that they tried to pass off another pair as being the ones I picked out and since it had been so long I couldn't remember if they were right or if I was. Anyway, this whole glasses situation made me realize how much you take your vision for granted. Until something goes wrong with either your vision or your glasses you don't realize how much you actually depend on your sight. On the way home from getting my glasses I was actually thrilled to see the definition of the leaves on the trees and to not have to squint to read the menu on the television this evening was fantastic!!!

Of course now I'm seeing how exactly dirty my house is and how much in need of a good cleaning it is!!! But then again I can't do a good cleaning until I'm feeling 100% again, so I guess until then I'll just have to enjoy seeing the television (or my computer screen) that much clearer with my new glasses.......

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You know it's bad when....

...your cold interferes with your ability to sing your heart out along with your radio in your car!!! I can handle being sick and still having to do things, I mean that's the life of a mother really, but when my cold is so bad that I can't sing with my music without hacking up half a lung, that's just more than I can handle!

It shouldn't surprise me because every time I get a cold it settles into my chest and most times I end up losing my voice, which is not easy when you have three kids and a dog to police.

My dear sweet hubby had this cold last week and it whipped his butt, but he seems to be better this week, so hopefully it will get better for me next week too, as going too long without being able to sing my heart out will se so depressing..........

ETA: It's real bad now, can't even talk above a whisper, but hey on the good side it got the kids to cooperate all evening. Well at least until about 5 minutes ago when I heard them fighting in their room after I put them to bed. Now I'm gonna go have some hot chocolate and relax...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Well worth the wait....

I used to hate the first song on my playlist, "You Can't Hurry Love", because it was the theme song for the first 20 years of my life! You see I went without a boyfriend up until I turned 20, then one day something changed...

But up until that day I couldn't wait to know what it was like to have a boyfriend and be in love. I remember watching the "Anne of Green Gables" miniseries on PBS with my mom and wondering when I was going to meet my Gilbert (For those who don't know, Gilbert is the friend that Anne realizes she loves at the end of the series). And my sweet sweet mother, who had cried with me practically every time I had my heart broken, told me that it would come in time. I didn't believe her, as I was just sure I was going to be an old maid before I found the right guy.

However I did find the right guy and he was well worth the wait. He not only makes me weak in the knees, he makes me laugh until my sides hurt and tears are streaming down my face. We are bizarrely compatible in more ways than one, with the exception of singing in the car (I love to and he doesn't) and dancing (I REALLY LOVE to and he REALLY DOESN'T). He also helped me have three of the most beautiful and entertaining children alive. He works two jobs so we can make ends meet and never once makes me feel guilty for staying home with the kids, I do plenty of that to myself for him. I still find him as attractive as I did 15 years ago in the beginning of our relationship, even if he doesn't believe that I do.

So now that I'm older and hopefully a little bit wiser, I realize that the song is right, you can't hurry love and if you do it's doomed to begin with. You have to let it develop on it's own time and mature in it's own way. If you rush it or try to change it, it won't last. Which is one of the reasons I think dear sweet hubby and I have made it this far, we've never rushed anything in our life together and have always let things happen as they may. And so far everything has happened perfectly!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Why do we do it????

Seriously, why do we do things we know are going to make us miserable??? I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies earlier today and as much as I tried to resist them (I make them for the rest of the family, you know...yeah right) I couldn't. So after putting the kids to bed and playing on the computer a bit (dear sweet hubby is sleeping as he has to be at work at midnight, ugh), I decided to have some. Well there was a pile of them in a towel that didn't fit into the bowl I got to put them in. The kids had eaten all but 3, now I wasn't really planning on eating 3 but how could I leave one lonely cookie sitting there??? So I ate all three, then with the taste of the cookies lingering in my mouth I decided what better to have with them than I glass of milk? So off I go to get a small glass of milk, as too much milk at night does not sit well with me. But again I go overboard and pour a decent size glass of milk and since I hate to waste food or drinks, especially milk, I drank the whole dang thing. Man it sure tasted good going down but now I'm paying for it!!! Ugh, talk about a sour tummy. Now I know I'm fighting off an ulcer created by those blasted anti-inflammatories I was taking, but dang the milk thing has bothered me for longer than I've had this ulcer, heck probably longer than I've even taken anti-inflammatories. Now all of this might seem strange to me, but I recall back when I was living at home with my parents that my mom got to a point where she couldn't handle milk at night either. Now I don't think she consumes any milk at all, I know she doesn't sit down with a glass of it to drink. I wonder if I'm headed in that same direction??? If I am I just hope it doesn't get to the point where I can't handle the milk with my cereal in the morning!!! That would be almost as bad as someone telling me I couldn't ever have caffeine again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Houston...we may have a TV!!!

Well after putting out our Halloween decorations and then breaking up a fight between the girls I decided to sit a spell and check email. Well no email to speak of, but I did end up checking Craigslist and lo & behold there was a TV on there in our price range!!! And a Sony to boot....which happens to be dear sweet hubby's favorite brand for pretty much everything electronic. Now this one is even bigger than the one that died last night. This one is a 36".......boy are we going to be spoiled. But keep your fingers crossed that this one lasts us a bit longer than a few months....'cause if it doesn't I can almost see my dear sweet hubby swearing off all TV's........hmmmm actually I don't think that would ever actually happen, but he just might be angry enough to swear it off for a few days or so.....;)

ETA: So far so good! One thing we did notice was that with this new TV it didn't take several tries with our remote to turn it on. It comes on with the first try. So that makes us wonder if the previous TV was always on borrowed time. Oh well, c'est la vie, my family has a working TV and they couldn't be happier, but now my job of keeping it off as much as possible during the daylight hours continues.....;)


Seriously people, are we just meant to not have a TV???
Back in March my lovely son accidentilly knocked over our 27" TV causing the whole back of the TV to just shatter. Thankfully the TV still worked but it was now a fire hazard as the back was all exposed. So after some searching we found a used 32" on Craigslist. We fell in love with it as it was bigger and newer. Then last night my dear sweet hubby and I were watching a show that had eyewitness accounts of the 9/11 attacks in New York, when all of a sudden the TV turned off. We tried several times to turn it back on with the remote and that didn't work, so we tried using the power button on the actual TV, but that didn't work either. So we finally came to the conclusion that the TV had died. Geesh we hadn't had the TV 6 months yet and now it was dead.
Now we do have a 52" TV in the garage that my dear sweet hubby got off of Craigslist, for free, that he thought he could fix as it is not currently working right. But he determined that it would cost too much to have it professionally repaired and he just didn't have the time to repair it himself.
So after searching on Craigslist for another TV, which we weren't able to find in our price range, and after searching the Sunday morning ads in the newspaper, we've come the conclusion that we are either going to have to spend the money to have the 52" repaired (which would be about what we'd want to spend on a new TV) or we'll have to live with the fire hazard until Super Bowl time (when they usually have a TON of TV's on sale for cheap). So until then I guess we'll either do without a TV (yikes) or have to put the fire hazard back in (I guess it's a good thing we didn't get rid of that one when we had thought about tossing it. I mean it still works, just isn't the safest thing to have around young ones who are prone to touching things they aren't supposed to touch......

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Anyone have a REALLY big garbage can???

Right now my dear sweet hubby is spending his rare day off cleaning out our garage AGAIN!!! I swear we've cleaned out this garage a half a dozen times since we moved in 5 years ago. One of these days we'll get it clean and then we'll move, and we'll start all over again. Ugh!
The worst part is that I can't do much because contrary to my dear sweet hubby's thinking, IT'S ALL HIS MESS!!! So I can't just start taking care of boxes of crap, oh wait I mean stuff because it's his and I have no clue what most of it is. It's mainly car parts you see, or tools used on car parts.
So I came inside for some reason, oh yeah to change Jack's clothes (he peed in his pants again) and sat down to check email. I've been on here a while now and no ones missed me (should I be happy or sad about that???). I figure dear sweet hubby thinks I'm taking care of the laundry, which I should be, so maybe I should get my butt off of this contraption. Plus I'm starting to feel sleepy (could be because I slept like crap last night due to my nose deciding to run at about midnight), so maybe getting up and moving is a good idea, but I wonder how long I can hide out in the house....probably a while as that man, as much as I love him, has A LOT OF CRAP out there!!! LOL

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ohhhhh, I'm so full of myself...

I decided to go back and read some of my previous posts and dang it if I didn't enjoy reading them. Hmmm maybe I do have a talent for writing after all. Granted I'm not as good as my friend, Bee, who writes so beautifully, but I do think I'm sort of witty. But I don't think I need to tell you this, because well you are reading my writing right now and chances are you have read some of my previous posts it stands to reason you already know this! ;)
Okay now I'm really feeling full of myself, my tummy however could use a little something. Time to pop some popcorn and sit down to watch the VP debates. That should be even better than my writing....:p

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Like I really need something else to distract me!!!

Seriously people, like I really need something else to keep me on this blasted computer!!! But I went and joined Facebook! Really I can't believe I did it, but then again I'm glad I did. I've reconnected with some old friends of mine that I haven't seen or talked to in over a decade! So I guess it's good in that way, so I can catch up and find out what everyone else has been doing. But I have to learn to use some restraint so I don't spend every afternoon on here. I mean I do have a household to run and laundry to do, which by the way I should be doing right now but I'm not, because I'm on here and on Facebook AT THE SAME TIME!!! UGH! I should be crowned the Queen of Procrastination! Sheesh.....