Sunday, October 5, 2008


Seriously people, are we just meant to not have a TV???
Back in March my lovely son accidentilly knocked over our 27" TV causing the whole back of the TV to just shatter. Thankfully the TV still worked but it was now a fire hazard as the back was all exposed. So after some searching we found a used 32" on Craigslist. We fell in love with it as it was bigger and newer. Then last night my dear sweet hubby and I were watching a show that had eyewitness accounts of the 9/11 attacks in New York, when all of a sudden the TV turned off. We tried several times to turn it back on with the remote and that didn't work, so we tried using the power button on the actual TV, but that didn't work either. So we finally came to the conclusion that the TV had died. Geesh we hadn't had the TV 6 months yet and now it was dead.
Now we do have a 52" TV in the garage that my dear sweet hubby got off of Craigslist, for free, that he thought he could fix as it is not currently working right. But he determined that it would cost too much to have it professionally repaired and he just didn't have the time to repair it himself.
So after searching on Craigslist for another TV, which we weren't able to find in our price range, and after searching the Sunday morning ads in the newspaper, we've come the conclusion that we are either going to have to spend the money to have the 52" repaired (which would be about what we'd want to spend on a new TV) or we'll have to live with the fire hazard until Super Bowl time (when they usually have a TON of TV's on sale for cheap). So until then I guess we'll either do without a TV (yikes) or have to put the fire hazard back in (I guess it's a good thing we didn't get rid of that one when we had thought about tossing it. I mean it still works, just isn't the safest thing to have around young ones who are prone to touching things they aren't supposed to touch......

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