Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ahhh the things we take for granted

It's at a time like this that I am reminded of all I take for granted on a daily basis and don't realize that I do. It just takes one little thing to snap you back into realizing that you've been a lax in being thankful for all that you have.

What am I referring to, you ask??? Well vision, breathing and my voice to be exact.

You see right now I have a cold, one that has made breathing a tad bit difficult and has at times robbed me of my voice, causing me to whisper in order to communicate. And it's not until I get a cold like this that I realize how much I take breathing and my voice for granted. I know that there are many ways of communicating, heck I even took a class on sign language in junior college, but when you are a mom of three children under the age of 8, being able to yell instructions or reprimands is almost a necessity. Because the "I'll just sit here silent until they realize I'm no longer yelling" approach doesn't always work.

And as an asthmatic colds have an extra punch to them, as they make it even harder to breathe than it already can be normally. Thankfully I do have medications to help my breathing, but it still doesn't make it any easier to get through.

And as for my sight, I just picked up my new glasses today and Heaven help me did I need them. The glasses I've been wearing since March of this year are actually the glasses I got in December of 2003. You see the ones I got in December of 2005 got broken when I was given a hug while sitting down. Unable to glue them back together, I resorted to wearing the older pair until we got in to see the optometrist. Well between money and time being tight, we finally made it in the first week of September. Unfortunately my glasses showed up the first time with no UV protection so they got sent back, but when they came back in they didn't have enough UV protection so again they went back! Now a whopping 6 weeks later they have finally come in with the right amount of UV protection. It had taken so long that I actually forgot what they looked like!!! I even had a dream one night that they tried to pass off another pair as being the ones I picked out and since it had been so long I couldn't remember if they were right or if I was. Anyway, this whole glasses situation made me realize how much you take your vision for granted. Until something goes wrong with either your vision or your glasses you don't realize how much you actually depend on your sight. On the way home from getting my glasses I was actually thrilled to see the definition of the leaves on the trees and to not have to squint to read the menu on the television this evening was fantastic!!!

Of course now I'm seeing how exactly dirty my house is and how much in need of a good cleaning it is!!! But then again I can't do a good cleaning until I'm feeling 100% again, so I guess until then I'll just have to enjoy seeing the television (or my computer screen) that much clearer with my new glasses.......


dede said...

I thought the cold was only suppose to last a week?? Hope you feel better soon (and glad your fingers are still working)!

Like the new blog look - are those your new glasses in the picture up there?? cute - really cute!!

btw - my word verification is "god no" - what does that mean???

JulyG319 said...

Unfortunately those are the glasses that broke...:(, but my new ones are kind of similar, kind of.
As for that word verification...where do they get those? geesh that was an odd one wasn't it. I've gotten some that I've thought couldn't possibly be actual words and who knows maybe they aren't.