Saturday, October 4, 2008

Anyone have a REALLY big garbage can???

Right now my dear sweet hubby is spending his rare day off cleaning out our garage AGAIN!!! I swear we've cleaned out this garage a half a dozen times since we moved in 5 years ago. One of these days we'll get it clean and then we'll move, and we'll start all over again. Ugh!
The worst part is that I can't do much because contrary to my dear sweet hubby's thinking, IT'S ALL HIS MESS!!! So I can't just start taking care of boxes of crap, oh wait I mean stuff because it's his and I have no clue what most of it is. It's mainly car parts you see, or tools used on car parts.
So I came inside for some reason, oh yeah to change Jack's clothes (he peed in his pants again) and sat down to check email. I've been on here a while now and no ones missed me (should I be happy or sad about that???). I figure dear sweet hubby thinks I'm taking care of the laundry, which I should be, so maybe I should get my butt off of this contraption. Plus I'm starting to feel sleepy (could be because I slept like crap last night due to my nose deciding to run at about midnight), so maybe getting up and moving is a good idea, but I wonder how long I can hide out in the house....probably a while as that man, as much as I love him, has A LOT OF CRAP out there!!! LOL

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