Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Do we have them when our children are concerned???

For any parent of more than one child I know there have probably been times when you "like" one child better than the others ('cause we all know we love all our children the same amount). But in all honesty is it that we "like" them better at that moment or are we just having a special connection at that moment with that particular child???

What got me to thinking about this? Well last night after I put the kids to bed I went downstairs to finish the last 20 pages of my book on the Lizzie Borden murders (She didn't do it, if you were wondering) when Little Man came down saying "I wanna snuggle witch you". So, I said okay thinking that if I just sat and continued to read silently to myself (I wasn't going to read to him from that book) while he sat in my lap he'd either get bored and go back to bed or he'd fall asleep with the rocking of the chair I was in. Well he did get bored, so I took him back upstairs and decided to watch Dancing With The Stars as I was done with my book. Well lo and behold he came downstairs again saying again "I wanna snuggle witch you". So again I let him. I'm not sure why I did this time, as it was close to 9, WAY past his bedtime, but I did. Anyway I rocked away as I watch DWTS and sure as shootin' he fell asleep. I took him upstairs at almost 10 and finished watching my show before heading to bed myself.

But it was on one of my trips upstairs with him that I wondered to myself, did I let him stay up later and snuggle with me because he was my favorite or because he was my baby, or maybe it was just because it was a special moment for the two of us to share??? I still don't know the answer to those questions and I wonder if I ever will.

Part of me thinks it is because he's my "Little Man" and I've always wanted a son, I mean I wanted daughters too but there was just something about the idea of having a son to adore me that I've always longed for.

Then another part of me thinks it's because he's the youngest and therefore my baby. Maybe I tend to baby him more because there isn't another one younger than him that needs more taking care of.

Of course there is also the possibility that it was just a special moment for us to share and one I'll always treasure. I mean my Dear Sweet Hubby was snoring away and the dog isn't much company when he's snoring too. So the idea of having some company to snuggle with was appealing. But would I have done the same if it had been Peaches or Tink who came downstairs saying they wanted to snuggle with me???

I'd like to think that I would have done it no matter who it was (although Peaches is getting a tad bit too big to share the recliner with me these days), but I guess the only way I'll know for sure is if one night while I'm alone sitting downstairs reading one of the girls comes downstairs and says "I wanna snuggle witch you". :)


dede said...

I would say all of the above!!

I for sure have a favorite - but it is an age - I LOVE 2 YEAR OLDS! - so no one can feel bad, because they were all 2 once!

Bee said...

Well, I can't really identify with the situation because I only have one. But you know me, I think I know everything about everything, I'm going to venture an opinion. I imagine that each one of them is your favorite at some time or another. Peaches will always be the oldest and y'all will have a grown-up kind of bond before you do with the other two. Jack is your baby and the only boy. special relationships to Mommy all the way around! And Tink. She's your favorite when she's making herself stand out as middle child.

Have you had enough amature psych from somebody who really hasn't a clue?!