Sunday, October 5, 2008

Houston...we may have a TV!!!

Well after putting out our Halloween decorations and then breaking up a fight between the girls I decided to sit a spell and check email. Well no email to speak of, but I did end up checking Craigslist and lo & behold there was a TV on there in our price range!!! And a Sony to boot....which happens to be dear sweet hubby's favorite brand for pretty much everything electronic. Now this one is even bigger than the one that died last night. This one is a 36".......boy are we going to be spoiled. But keep your fingers crossed that this one lasts us a bit longer than a few months....'cause if it doesn't I can almost see my dear sweet hubby swearing off all TV's........hmmmm actually I don't think that would ever actually happen, but he just might be angry enough to swear it off for a few days or so.....;)

ETA: So far so good! One thing we did notice was that with this new TV it didn't take several tries with our remote to turn it on. It comes on with the first try. So that makes us wonder if the previous TV was always on borrowed time. Oh well, c'est la vie, my family has a working TV and they couldn't be happier, but now my job of keeping it off as much as possible during the daylight hours continues.....;)

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dede said...

I hope it works - me and the baby could live without the TV, but all the other boys in the family (husband included) would proably die!