Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I must let my kids dress themselves.... I MUST let my kids dress themselves.... I....MUST.....LET.....MY.....KIDS......DRESS......THEMSELVES

Seriously for me one of the hardest things about being a mother is letting my children dress themselves. No, no, no I'm not talking about them putting their own clothes on themselves, I'm talking about picking out their outfits BY THEMSELVES!!!

For someone who, regrettably, has spent 99.9% of her life caring what other people thought about what she wears, allowing my children to match up their own outfits is darn right terrifying!!

Tink is probably the worst one when it comes to being able to actually get her outfit to match. It's her belief that if the shirt and the pants both have flowers on them, then they match. Never mind the fact that one has small pink flowers and the other has a rainbow of large flowers, they match in her eyes. Plus she HAS to pair her outfit with her favorite froggy rain boots. Because everyone knows that a bright green pair of froggy rain boots goes with everything, right???

Peaches is a bit better, but when she wants to look pretty she always wears her "Dorothy" shoes, you know the ones that are red and sparkly. For example this morning she wore a pink sundress with a long sleeved white t-shirt under it, but she wanted to wear her "Dorothy" shoes and they hurt if she wears them without socks, so she put on a pair of sweat socks. UGH! I couldn't do it people, I just couldn't do it. I had to say something, so I told her she either had to change her shoes or her socks, as that just didn't look right. So what does she do???? She gets a pair of tights that have a white background and multi colored dots on them, including a pink that went with her dress. Again I felt the urge to say something but held back. I just sighed and said, okay.

Little Man, well he's only 3 1/2 so he can't be expected to really match up his shirts and pants, but he actually does a pretty good job. HOWEVER, for a boy he changes his outfit more times in one day then his dad does in a week!!! Well okay, he probably doesn't change his outfit more than 7 times a day, but he does change it a lot. If he gets his shirt the slightest bit wet he has to change it, even though I keep telling him that it will dry. Needless to say I do a lot more of his laundry than anyone else's. And I'm actually considering locking his clothes up so he can't just change them when the whim hits him.

Now back to letting them pick out their own outfits......what do you other moms do? Do you allow them free choice when it comes to getting dressed? Or do you pick out certain outfits and let them choose between them? You see I always make sure they are dressed appropriately for the weather, but after pulling out 5 outfit choices for Tink and having her turn them all down, I just leave the room and hope, against all hope, that she comes out of her room with something that doesn't look like she just left her act as a circus clown......

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dede said...

I let my older boys pick their outfits (but they always wear jeans, so that's easy to match - if they have a stain or hole they have to change) - Wesley (5) gets 2 choices, period (always with the promise that he can change into what he wants when he gets home - he forgets about it 95% of the time) - the baby still lets me pick his clothes (he can't reach them) but he likes to pick his shoes (I have been known to "hide" certain pairs)! BUT, I have all boys, I can only imagine girls are twice as hard (one of us growing up, I think it was Annie, but maybe it was me, use to match our shirt with our underwear - it took my mom a long time to figure that out!)

one more trick - I get rid of anything too ugly!!
good luck!!