Friday, October 17, 2008

Taking a break.....

...I've spent all morning and early afternoon cleaning my house as boy oh boy did it need it. It's amazing what a few days of not picking up and vacuuming can do to a house. Geesh, it just reinforces my theory that I AM the only one who picks up around here. But now I've decided to let the kids watch Bindi, the Jungle Girl while I take a breather and sit down to check email. Which actually brings me to why I'm doing this post.......

I had parent-teacher conferences yesterday and both girls are doing beautifully. Tinkerbell needs to learn to pay attention more and not talk to her classmates while the teacher is talking but other than that her teacher says she's a kind and smart girl. None of that was news to us, we all know how sweet and smart Tink is and we most certainly know how much she LOVES to talk! Wonder where she got that from????? ;)

Now for Peaches, man that girl just makes us more and more proud with each conference. I learned yesterday that she is reading at a FIFTH GRADE LEVEL!!!! Yep my little second grader is reading at a 5th grade level! I knew she was good at reading, but dang a 5th grade level??? I just might have to let her do more reading at night and just sit and relax instead of doing all the reading myself. And to be honest the teacher didn't say one negative thing about her. She pays attention in class, she's enthusiastic for everything they learn and she just generally loves school. Again no surprises there, well except that 5th grade reading level, that blew me away!!

Now Little Man doesn't have parent-teacher conferences as I talk to his teacher each day he has school and she says he's doing wonderfully. So wonderfully in fact that she kind of wishes she had a class full of my little man. Of course I can't blame her. I mean who wouldn't want a class full of cute little charmers who have an uncanny ability to mess up but still make you laugh and smile instead of getting mad at him???

But actually that wasn't the real reason I wanted to post today. The real reason is that I had a 'moment' the other night and it was such a nice surprise that I wanted to share it. It was around dinner time and the house was basically chaos, which it is most every day, but all three kids were sitting at the table and doing various things. Peaches was doing her homework and I was helping her, when it suddenly hit me........I love being a parent to these three children!!! Now that may seem silly that it just dawned on me, but after a trying day the last thing that usually comes to mind is how much you love the chaos. Most of the time after a trying day the only thing you love is bedtime! LOL But at that moment I thought to myself, "I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world!" Another factor that makes this revelation even more amazing is that 'Aunt Flo' was visiting, if you know what I mean. So patience was not abundant and grouchiness was, so to have a realization that you are extremely happy in your chaotic situation, no matter how frustrating, is truly amazing.

In the end what it boils down to is that I have three healthy and beautiful children who need me and love me unconditionally and because of that fact I am extremely blessed and should enjoy every moment of chaos they give me!!! (no matter how frustrating it may be!)

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