Monday, October 6, 2008

Why do we do it????

Seriously, why do we do things we know are going to make us miserable??? I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies earlier today and as much as I tried to resist them (I make them for the rest of the family, you know...yeah right) I couldn't. So after putting the kids to bed and playing on the computer a bit (dear sweet hubby is sleeping as he has to be at work at midnight, ugh), I decided to have some. Well there was a pile of them in a towel that didn't fit into the bowl I got to put them in. The kids had eaten all but 3, now I wasn't really planning on eating 3 but how could I leave one lonely cookie sitting there??? So I ate all three, then with the taste of the cookies lingering in my mouth I decided what better to have with them than I glass of milk? So off I go to get a small glass of milk, as too much milk at night does not sit well with me. But again I go overboard and pour a decent size glass of milk and since I hate to waste food or drinks, especially milk, I drank the whole dang thing. Man it sure tasted good going down but now I'm paying for it!!! Ugh, talk about a sour tummy. Now I know I'm fighting off an ulcer created by those blasted anti-inflammatories I was taking, but dang the milk thing has bothered me for longer than I've had this ulcer, heck probably longer than I've even taken anti-inflammatories. Now all of this might seem strange to me, but I recall back when I was living at home with my parents that my mom got to a point where she couldn't handle milk at night either. Now I don't think she consumes any milk at all, I know she doesn't sit down with a glass of it to drink. I wonder if I'm headed in that same direction??? If I am I just hope it doesn't get to the point where I can't handle the milk with my cereal in the morning!!! That would be almost as bad as someone telling me I couldn't ever have caffeine again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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dede said...

I can't believe you feel bad about eating 3 - I feel really good if I only chomp down 3, it is usually closer to 12 (which I why I try to not make them very often!!) good luck on the milk thing - I am trying to decide which would be harder living without - milk? cafienne? not a choice I want to make!