Sunday, November 30, 2008

Grateful you've all enjoyed this month of grateful posts

I'm gonna make this quick as dear sweet hubby is waiting patiently (NOT!) for me to watch a show we both like, but I wanted to make sure that I got in my last grateful post of the month.

So for this last post I want to say that I am so grateful that I have gotten such a wonderful response to my month of grateful posts. I wasn't sure how it would go but I guess everyone else is like me and a little tired of hearing people complain all the time. Actually I was tired of posting gripes all the time. So now that I've done this for one whole month I think the tune of my posts will change. Oh they won't all be happy grateful posts, but they won't be all griping and complaining posts either. I will try to have a nice mix of things, but Heaven knows I'm gonna need to gripe about something every once in a while.......

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Grateful for my in-laws

I know I know, many of you wish you could wish your in-laws away, but I don't. I know some people may not believe me but I really like my in-laws.

Really I do and here are some reasons why....

*They've always accepted me with open arms. Never once have I felt like I'm not a full member of their family, even from the beginning.

*They've been there for me during some dark points in my life and let me know that I could come to them whenever I needed to.

*They are truly wonderful grandparents to my children. They thoroughly enjoy spending time with the kids and can't wait to come out and visit them.

*And last but not least, they've raised the wonderful man that I am so lucky to call my dear sweet hubby!!! They did a fantastic job and it's not their fault that he didn't retain the lesson on how to pick up his dirty clothes from the floor! LOL

Then there is my sister-in-law, seriously how did I get so lucky??? She's so wonderful at treating me like the sister she never had and even though I already have one sister, I gladly welcomed her as another.

So in this month of being grateful, I can't possibly forget the family that probably really appreciated that I decided to take on the challenge that is their son! Just kidding, I should actually call them the family that has been gracious enough to welcome this spaz into their loving family!!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Grateful for Christmas lights

We are nearing the end of the month and I'm slowly running out of things to be thankful for. Sad but true, I mean I could be thankful for things like hair dryers and toothpaste, but that doesn't seem really worthy of an entire post, does it? I've already covered the most important, my family and my friends, so what's left????

Christmas lights!!!

HUH? Well I can't tell you how cheery Christmas lights make me. I don't know why they do really but every time I see some in front of a house it makes me smile. Maybe it's the memory of a family tradition we had when I was growing up of taking one night to ride around and look at the lights in my home town. We used to do it one night after my maternal grandmother had come over for dinner. And even though after a while we kept hitting the same houses which had the same decorations each year we each enjoyed it enough to keep going.

Then one year we decided we'd judge the houses that put up lights but you had to wonder why in the world they did so, as it looked like they covered their eyes and just threw the lights before turning them on. Seriously there were some houses out there that had lights that had no rhyme or reason to how they were positioned.

Then there were those houses that lovingly put up the lights and made a wonderful scene for others to enjoy, because when you think about it, how much do you really get to enjoy your own Christmas lights??? Putting up lights is a way to spread some Christmas cheer. So this year, if you don't already, maybe put up a few lights and help spread the Christmas spirit and cheer to your neighbors.....

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Grateful for Thanksgiving

Not only for the actual holiday, I mean how many countries have a day set aside to be thankful???? Not many! But also for the food, yum yum.

The turkey, stuffing, yams, mashed potatoes, veggies, gravy and the Hawaiian sweet rolls.....oooh my mouth is watering as I type.

And then there is the leftover turkey to think face turkey sandwiches with the gravy poured over it.....turkey pot pie......turkey noodle soup.....oops gotta wipe the drool off of the keyboard.

But I have to sit and wonder how many people out there are actually grateful as they are making dinner today. I mean a lot of people are probably grumbling about having to cook so much for so many or about some relative that's coming over that they can't stand. But not my family. It will just be the five of us this year and we are all just grateful to have a day to spend together where no one has to go to work or school. And even if it weren't just the five of us and we had all our family around us, we'd be happy and grateful as we don't get to see them that much, so to be able to spend a day with them doing nothing but hanging out and eating would a lot of fun.

So to everyone out there reading this.....I hope you take a moment to stop and be truly grateful for all the blessings in your life, as while most days it may not seem like you have many you more than likely have lots of them. I also want to wish you all a very healthy and happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Grateful for my stepfather

I decided this morning as I was drying my hair, an event that takes longer than I'd like now that it's getting longer, that today's grateful post would be about the man who has changed my mother's life for the better. A man we all lovingly call Papa John, or as dear sweet hubby calls him "The Pizza Guy".

He entered her life about 6 1/2 years ago, before Tink was even baking, and it's been a joy to have him in our lives ever since. However I do have to confess that I was skeptical at first. I mean just about a year earlier my mom and dad split up and it wasn't exactly a pleasant split, then she dated a man who turned out to be a real piece of work, so when John entered the picture, being the good daughter I am, I was hesitant to embrace him until I had observed him a little more. Thankfully he did nothing but pleasantly surprise me. He's a generous man, who never has a bad word to say about anyone, well at least that I've heard. He's easy going and an avid football fan who can amazingly watch a game and not pound the floor or yell at the television if things don't go his teams way (something that ALWAYS happened in my house growing up).

But I think my two most favorite things about him are this......

He allows my mom to have friends and doesn't bad mouth or ridicule the ones she has when they aren't around. Something that never happened in my house growing up. Oh sure, my dad would be nice when my mom's few friends were around but once they left he'd complain about them for ridiculous reasons.

And he treats my mom like the queen she is!!! He is so loving and generous with her that you can just feel the love between them. And for that and that alone I will always be grateful for him. Towards the end of my parents' marriage my mom became more and more withdrawn. I didn't see it at the time but looking back I really see a difference in her. But now she's happy, she's in love and she's free, free to be herself and not feel judged for being so.

So during this month of grateful posts I think one of the most important ones is this one, as this man has made one of THE MOST IMPORTANT people in my life the happiest I've seen her in a long, long time. So thank you, thank you, thank you Papa John!!!!! My family and I love you dearly and thank our lucky stars you came into our lives!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Grateful for modern conveniences

You know I don't know how housewives did it all before we had the dishwasher, the washing machine or dryer! I'm sure it all got done, as they didn't have TVs (or if they did there wasn't as much on to distract them) and they sure as heck didn't have computers or the Internet to steal their attention. But dang can you imagine how pooped those women must have been each night after hand washing everything?????
You see, right now I have a load in the dishwasher, the washing machine and the dryer. I know it's probably not that good to have a load in each going at the same time, but if I didn't do it this way I'd never get anything done and would have to get up in the middle of the night to move loads from one machine to another.
So a HUGE THANK YOU to whomever invented the modern dishwasher, washing machine and dryer, they are an enormous help to me on a daily basis!!! :)
OH and speaking of modern conveniences my alarm on my cell phone is going off to remind me to pick up Tink from Kindergarten, so it's time to sign off and once I get home it will be time to move those loads of dishes and clothes around some more.....

Monday, November 24, 2008

Grateful for my kiddos

Seriously people why haven't I been thankful for them yet??? Anyone have any ideas as I was sure I had already been grateful for them?? I dunno maybe I just think so much daily about how grateful I am for each of them that I must have assumed that I already posted it. Yeah that's it....I'm so dang grateful for them all day long, no matter how bad they act, that I just naturally thought I posted it already.... ;)

So without further ado, here's why I'm grateful for each of my kiddos.....

Peaches, ah my sweet sweet Peaches! We tried so hard for her and look at the wonderful prize we got. If you are wondering why I call her Peaches, it's because her father has a pinkish complexion and I have a yellowish one, so if you mix pink and yellow you get peach. Cute, huh? Anyway, I have to admit, regretfully, that I was slightly disappointed that she was a girl as I always wanted a boy first, since growing up I always wished I had an older brother. (In addition to my sister of course :) ) But once they put her in my arms, I knew that it couldn't have been any other way. She has been a source of constant joy and she amazes me on a daily basis. I mean the girl is in the second grade and she's reading at a fifth grade level!!!! Talk about proud. Plus she has been the best big sister. Well okay she's slipping as far as Tinkerbell is concerned these days, but when they were both much younger, Peaches was a great older sister to Tink. I'm having a hard time accepting that she'll be 8 in January. Where does the time go???

Then there's Tinkerbell, and boy does that name fit. Well if you look at the Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, now a days I think they make Tinkerbell a bit too sweet. In Peter Pan Tinkerbell was a bit more spirited or willful, which is so my Tinkerbell. She's been a spitfire ever since I was pregnant with her. At first we thought she was going to need surgery right after birth for a blocked bowel but then at the last moment it turned out her bowel wasn't blocked after all, so no surgery needed. Then she proceeded to poop like 4 or 5 times in the first few hours after she was born. Plus she raised my blood pressure during labor, something which did not happen with Peaches. So I told dear sweet hubby in the delivery room "This one's gonna give us gray hair!" But again I wouldn't have it any other way. She's so passionate about everything, which is part of her charm. And of course my mom is loving every minute of it as according to her Tink is JUST LIKE ME at that age!!! So I guess all those years of my mom wishing I'd get a child just like me are coming back to haunt me. Okay maybe "haunt" is a bit too strong of a word, but I can tell you this I have never apologized so much to my mother as I have since Tink's matching personality has emerged..... ;)

Then there is my Little Man. He steals my heart on a daily basis and I hope I never get it back. He means so much, not only because he's my youngest but also because he's the son I know my dear sweet hubby always wanted. I know DSH would never ever trade our girls for anything, but you could just see the relief on the man's face when he was told he wasn't going to have three weddings to pay for. LOL! Plus DSH is the only male in his family to carry on the family name, so to have a son to carry the name on meant a lot to him. And our Little Man has turned out to be a dangerous combination of DSH and myself. He looks like me and my side of the family but he has my hubby's ingenuity, which is scary. I mean the boy learned how to unlock the dishwasher before his sisters did and did so when he was about 2!!! He also tried to make some coffee the other day and did quite well, but it would have been weak coffee since he had like 8 cups of water but only a little bit of coffee. (KEEP IN MIND HE'S ONLY 3 1/2!!!) He also knows how to turn the key in the ignition so that he can open the car windows, very scary! Oh yeah and a few days ago he cracked open an egg into a glass WITHOUT GETTING ANY SHELL IN THE GLASS!!! I can't even do that!! Geesh!

All in all, for as frustrating as my darling kiddos can be, I would not give them up for anything in the world! They are each so special and unique in their own way and our family is now perfect because of each of them!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Grateful for dear sweet hubby's day off

Dear sweet hubby had a very rare day off today and we all enjoyed having him around. We ran a few errands in the morning and then we attempted to put up some Christmas lights but Mother Nature had other ideas. It was very blustery out, so putting up Christmas lights would have been difficult at best. So we headed inside and then realized we were all out of Parmesan cheese and bread crumbs, which dear sweet hubby would need to make the fish we bought for dinner. So we headed to Wal-Mart and got that, a few other things and rented WALL-E and You Don't Mess With The Zohan from Redbox. When we got home it was a viewing of WALL-E and then dear sweet hubby made a delicious cod for dinner. My contribution was some rice pilaf, no applause please, it wasn't that hard really. ;)

All in all not a bad day but my favorite part was being able to turn and stare lovingly at him whenever I wanted. I think this year for Christmas I'm gonna ask Santa to make it so we can afford for dear sweet hubby to have just one job next year!!! That would be the best gift EVER!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Grateful that I'm remembering to be grateful

You know for all that I forget or forget to get done, I'm so proud that I have been so dang good about remembering to do my grateful posts this month. I've only slipped one day and well I think I had a pretty darn good excuse for not sitting my injured butt down in this hard wooden chair and being grateful.

But not only am I grateful that I remembered to be grateful, but also that I'm the type of person who can be grateful. There are people out there who feel entitled to all they receive, not thinking that maybe just maybe they don't deserve all they get. That having a loving wife and two adorable children are more than some people get in their life. That even though said loving wife's family has gone out of their way to help him and his wife out with everything from food to a place to live, he has not said so much as a sincere "Thank You". If you are wondering, yes I am referring to someone I know and it just bugs the snot out of me that this person can't be more grateful for all he has in his life. If anyone needs a wake up call to remind them to be grateful, it's him.

So I'm just glad that either by nature or nurture, I am the type of person who can still remember that while I may not have as much as some, I do have A LOT and I should be very grateful for all of it.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Grateful for friends....

....or more specifically the moms of my children's friends whom I'm friends with too.

When your kids are young you usually attend play dates with them so it really helps when you like the other mom enough to want to hang out with them. I can't imagine anything more uncomfortable than having to spend time with someone and not have much to talk about.

Thankfully that wasn't the situation this morning when Little Man and I went to a friends house for a play date. We were there for 2 hours and boy was it a fast two hours as the mom, I, and I spent the whole time chatting away upstairs while Little Man and G played their hearts out downstairs. It was nice to know that I was looking forward to the play date as much as Little Man was.

I have another friend, M, who has three kids like me, almost the exact same ages as my three, but she has three girls, which is fine as Little Man is enamored by M's youngest, E. But we have come up with an agreement that since we live in the same neighborhood we'll meet at our neighborhood park every Wednesday. We said it was a way for the kids to see each other since only E isn't in school at this point. But when it comes down to it I think that meeting is more for us than for the kids. With Little Man in school two days a week I don't seem to make it to as many activities for the moms club I belong to as I'd like. So meeting each Wednesday allows us the opportunity to catch up as well as the kiddos.

But I have to say that I am thankful for all my friends, whether they are parents of kids my kids are friends with or not. I may not see all my friends every day like I'd like, but I do think of them often and if they have a blog I do visit it as often as they update it. You know most of the time I blame the computer for putting off my cleaning and other chores, but if I didn't have it or the Internet how would I ever keep in touch with most of my friends????

Thursday, November 20, 2008

This is gonna sound bad, but....Grateful for alcohol

Yes I know it sounds so totally bad, but after the day I've had with my three it sure helps to take the edge off.

With dear sweet hubby having to be at work at midnight he's not awake at the witching hour to help with the kids while dinner is being made. Oh wait maybe I should rephrase that and say he's not awake to make dinner while I deal with the kids. ;) He's also not around to help me bathe them or get them to go to sleep. It's exhausting and I now know what single moms go through, bless their hearts.

So at night I've taken to having a Mike's Hard Lemonade with dinner to help make me relax a bit more so I'm not so on edge. I only have one and it's not enough to make me so tipsy I can't properly take care of my children, so they aren't in any danger.

If you think about it some people have a glass of wine with dinner, so a hard lemonade isn't too different, as it is alcohol too, just tastes better to me than wine does. I've never been a wine drinker, or a beer drinker for that matter. I like my alcohol to taste fruity. :)

So folks, I'm not taking the high road tonight in being grateful for something as sweet and nice as my sister or dreams, nope I'm just grateful that prohibition is no longer around and I can have a little something with dinner to help take the edge off.......

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Grateful for my sister

You know I went back and reread yesterdays grateful post and felt really bad. I read that I written that I couldn't think of anything to post about that I was grateful for and then I got an email from my sister and thought to myself, "How could I not post that I was grateful for her?? What kind of sister am I???"

So today's post is about the one person in the world who knows where I am coming from, literally and figuratively. If there's one person who can truly relate to what I've gone through in life it's her!!

Okay, I didn't always like her, for instance the time she called me a Homo Sapien and I thought she was calling another kind of homo.........I was in the third grade people!!! But after I graduated from high school we got real close and have been ever since.

Her and her family came out to visit this summer and the week went by WAY TOO FAST!!! We all had a ton of fun together, but I think my favorite time was when we did a Target run just the two of us. It was fun just hanging out without having to worry about kids or husbands. I had such a great time with all of them that I was in quite a funk for a while after they left.

But one thing that does help me not feel so far away is my daily emails to and from my sister and my mom. Monday through Friday we all email each other and talk about what's going on at our houses. It really does help me more connected to them. If my memory were better I could probably tell you what my sister's family had for dinner last week because we share that much in our emails. It's nice and I hope we never stop doing it. :)

So S, if you happen to be reading this please know that I am truly grateful to have had such a great sister and friend such as you!!! I miss you and love you tons and bunches!!! XOXOXOXO

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Grateful for hopes and dreams....

.....because if we didn't have those what would we have???

Seriously though, this morning I had a hard time thinking of something that I was grateful that I hadn't already posted about. But then this afternoon I got a new Woman's Day magazine and in the back were some simple inspiration quotes. One of these quotes touched me and then I realized what I should post about being grateful for. The quote in particular is such...
Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly
~Langston Hughes
It reminded me of something I always tell people who laugh at me and my fantastical dreams, be they day dreams or night time ones. I always say "Well if I can't dream what can I do?"
And I have lots of moving closer to family for instance.....winning the lottery is another.......having a reunion with some friends I recently reconnected with is a new one......and finally getting to meet my soul sister in South Carolina. Then of course what mother doesn't dream about their children growing up healthy and happy? Or who doesn't want their husband (or wife) to live a long and happy life with them?
But I guess my biggest dream is that when the time comes for me to go live with the angels that I've left this world a little bit better than it would have been if I hadn't been here at all. And that all the yelling I seem to do towards my children will be forgotten and they'll only remember the fun times we had.
So since dreams sometimes take a long time to come true....I'll just keep on dreaming so that my life doesn't become a broken-winged bird who cannot fly.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Grateful dear sweet hubby went grocery shopping with me

You know I used to enjoy grocery shopping, back when I actually did it in a grocery store that is. Now that I grocery shop at a Wal-Mart Supercenter, I don't enjoy it as much. First of all it kind of ticks me off that Wal-Mart has the best prices, as I'd rather avoid the place if at all possible, too many weirdos maybe. But when you're feeding a family of 5, with three of those being growing kids, how can you not shop there??? I go there so stinkin' much I feel like I'm becoming friends with some of the employees, geesh.

Now for as much shopping I do there, I will not buy meat there. With no on site butcher I'd rather buy my meat at a regular store where they package the meat up themselves. That means I usually make a special trip to Albertson's, the one real grocery store that has the best deals most of the time.

But back to my title, I was so grateful when dear sweet hubby said he'd go to Wal-Mart with me after dropping the girls off at school. It's nice to have company who can actually carry on a conversation, no offense Little Man! It's the one bonus to dear sweet hubby working this nasty midnight shift, he has Monday mornings off since he has to work Saturday mornings too.

Plus since the man loves to cook and can be real creative he tends to think of things to buy that I wouldn't. I usually stick to my list and that list usually contains a few standard meals, such as meatloaf, spaghetti, fish sticks......can you get the drift I'm not creative when it comes to cooking???

So since he went with we stocked up so I shouldn't have to make a trip back there for a while. Of course I did forget to get some diapers for Little Man at night (we're still working on day time potty training so he's nowhere near being potty trained for nighttime yet), but I think I may make a special trip to my mecca, Tar-Jay tomorrow morning when I'm child free to get those. Just don't think I can stomach Wally World (as dear sweet hubby calls it) two days in a row, especially since DSH won't be with me....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Grateful my dear sweet hubby worked an early shift today....

.....because now he can cook and I don't have to! LOL Seriously the man loves to get real creative when he cooks and 98% of the time he's successful and it's quite tasty. He's had a few bombs but he always finishes what's leftover if the rest of us don't want to eat it anymore.

You see I am SO NOT creative when I cook. I can't wing it at all and when I try I fail e-v-e-r-y t-i-m-e!!!! It's not good.

So now that he's home in time for dinner he's got his thinking cap on and all I know is I don't have to try to come up with something. :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Grateful Aunt Flo is about to leave!

I tell ya, I'm not sure if it's because of me getting older or the kids getting older but it seems like sometimes Aunt Flo has some bad visits.

Now you may ask yourself who the heck Aunt Flo is, well think of that lovely thing women get each month that tend to make them a teeny tiny bit more sensitive and just a smidgen easier to make angry and you'll know who or what I am talking about.

I've tried explaining to the girls how there's a certain time each month that Mommy may be a bit more grouchy but they don't quite get it and I know for a fact that Little Man has no clue except maybe Mommy tends to yell a little bit more sometimes.

And who knows maybe if we were in a position where dear sweet hubby could be home on the weekends to help with the restless natives, as I like to call the kiddos sometimes, then maybe these visits wouldn't be so bad. But when you're the only one to deal with all the squabbling and hitting and outright fits, then it can exacerbate things.

But until then I just have to work my way through Aunt Flo's visits and hope for the best........ :s

Friday, November 14, 2008

Grateful tomorrow is Saturday

Since I haven't been sleeping that well lately and I wasn't able to sleep in past 6:30 last weekend (both days!!!), I am SOOOOOO looking forward to tomorrow being Saturday!!! I'm really hoping that the kids will allow me to sleep in some, otherwise they are going to be stuck inside all day with a VERY cranky mommy. Hmmmmm......maybe I should warn them of that prospect before bed tonight and see if they actually allow me to sleep in until oh say 7?!?!?!?!?!?!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Greatful for actual seasons

You see where I grew up in Northern California there weren't actual seasons. Oh sure you could tell the difference between summer and winter, but in reality you could get nice days in both of those seasons. I mean I remember Christmas' where it was close to 70, which for winter is pretty darn nice, in my opinion. But you didn't really have the seasons like they show them on calendars and teach them in schools. But in Colorado you do!

It may be sunny here a lot but you know if it's winter, spring, summer or fall out.

Take today for instance, it's nice and sunny out but the wind is strong and it's very chilly in the morning and at night. Now it may be sunny and windy in the summer, but it's most definitely not chilly in the morning or night. And even if it's sunny on Christmas day, it's sure as heck not anywhere near 70 degrees.

I remember our first winter here and just being in total shock when I'd email my family in California to tell them it was -11 at night before bed!!! Or the time we drove home from Home Depot one Sunday afternoon and I called my sister to tell her our van was telling us it was 0 degrees outside!!! Yep, 0 degrees!!!

And then the spring, when everything starts to bloom and turn green again, I mean that's what they teach you spring is about. Out in California plants and flowers bloom, but once the weather heats up the grassy hills and mountains turn a golden color instead of green like here. My dear sweet hubby and I couldn't get over the fact everything was so green in the middle of summer here and so brown in the dead of winter. The exact opposite of what we grew up with.

So for someone who LOVES to rearrange her furniture every chance she gets, to be able to experience Mother Nature's rearranging on a pretty regular basis, I'm in Heaven!!! I always look forward to the next season and then right as the season is about to change again, I'm ready for the current season to end. Mother Nature must LOVE me! ;)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Grateful we don't forget each other.....

...because with the stress of dear sweet hubby working two jobs, 6 days a week, and me staying home with the kids it would be pretty easy to lose each other. But either by luck or unconscious planning we seem to remember that we still have each other. We still find a way to reconnect with each other. We are best friends as well as husband and wife and I truly think that makes a huge difference.
Now this is not to say we never have tense moments or heated words, we do on occasion but they are few and far between. Plus I guess his nasty schedule of having to be at work at midnight and going to sleep around 1 in the afternoon helps us to not fight. But thankfully it doesn't prevent us from still showing our affection for one another.
So with all the craziness that is life at our house I am so extremely grateful that my husband and I are still madly in love with each other!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Grateful my family is so easy to please!

Really I mean I couldn't have asked for a more low maintenance family. When I don't feel like cooking (which is really like every night, but I digress) and I suggest hot dogs and mac & cheese they all get excited even dear sweet hubby. Well okay maybe he doesn't get as excited as the kids but he doesn't pitch a fit either.

I could also never clean again and none of them would probably mind. Seriously unless the place really started to stink, I don't think they'd miss me not cleaning.

And who can't love a child who jumps up and down in joy knowing they got new socks or underwear??? Most kids would be like "eh, new underwear" but not my sweet Peaches, she seriously gets really excited about it and thanks me profusely. Maybe I should take that and run with it and only get the girl underwear and socks for Christmas, nah that'd be mean.

But when it comes down to it they may not demand much but I do still try to do everything I can for them. My only real goal in life is to make sure they are all healthy, happy and well fed and if that means pleasing them with a simple meal of hot dogs and mac & cheese, who am I to deny them that joy????? ;)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Grateful for being agile enough to jump the fence, but....

.....not so grateful that my pants caught on the wire mesh tearing a HUGE hole in the pants and leaving a nice 2 inch gash in my rear!!!!

Okay so I know I didn't post yesterday but I have a good excuse! Yesterday afternoon I was talking with a neighbor in the open space between our yards while our kids played. Then it was time to go in and all the kids scaled the fence, so not wanting to let the dog out and trying to prove I'm not that old after all, I decided to scale the fence too.

That's where I got myself into trouble.....

You see I climbed up it okay, as it's probably about 4 feet tall, but it was jumping down that I got bit by the fence. It's an open rail fence so there is a wire mesh covering it so animals and children don't escape. I call the wire mesh chicken wire but it's more rigid and goes vertically and horizontally instead of diagonal like a true chicken wire. Anyway, there was a rouge wire at the top of the fence that caught on my back pocket and riped the entire back side of my pants. Seriously this tear is probably a good foot in length!!! It zig zags but if you add up the whole tear in length, it'd be a foot for sure. Then I realized I was not only showing a half moon but I was injured too. I got inside and saw a lovely 2 inch gash in my upper thigh. Oh what fun!!! Thankfully we had a bandage big enough for the entire gash, but dang if it doesn't hurt!!! The only thing I could sit on last night was something soft and since we have a wooden chair at our computer desk and I have no lap top, no grateful post yesterday.

So today I'm posting that while I'm grateful I'm not too old to scale a fence I just wish I had been a bit better on the dismount. And while I've been in almost constant paint because of the gash, I think I'm more bummed about tearing my pants!! They were my favorites and fit so nicely. It's such a big tear and it's right there on the whole left side, so it wouldn't look too good to try to patch it up or sew it back together. UGH!!! And while I do enjoy shopping for new clothes, jeans are not one of my favorite things to go buy. It never fails, if the length is right the rise is wrong, or if the rise is right then the length is wrong, plus they never seem to have my size in the shade I like either. Why oh why did I have to prove I could still scale a fence?????

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Grateful for caffeine....

......or more specifically coffee!!!

You see I went to bed late last night, was reading a good book and then this morning at 5:30 something my sweet Tinkerbell entered my room and announced "I can't sleep". Geesh, well I was doing pretty good but I guess that was now over. So we snuggled and giggled then Little Man joined in at about 6:30 and it got a little bit more rowdy. Then right around 7 Peaches joined as Tink had left the door to their bedroom open and Einstein, one of our two 13 year old cats, climbed into her bed and woke her up. Then dear sweet hubby came home from work (he had to go in at midnight) and he wanted to take a short nap before going into his second job. So we cleared the room.

But now I'm pooped and it's only 10:30 AM!!!! So for this moment in time I am grateful that I've started drinking coffee and that I have some to consume. Even after one cup I'm still dragging and my head hurts, so I'm thinking a second cup is in order. I may need more than one more though, as I did have plans to whip my house into shape. It's looking better than it has in days but I need to mop the kitchen floor BAD and I should try to get the laundry all done and put away. But if I don't get some energy soon I may not get squat done and that wouldn't be good. I hate being lazy but even more so knowing that my dear sweet hubby is out there working two jobs to provide for us.

So time to start drinking some more coffee and get that sweet sweet caffeine pumping through my system!!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Grateful for cheaper gas

Man oh man, this morning it was so nice to hear the click of the gas pump shutting off when the total only said $30!!!! And that was for an almost full tank of gas!!!! It was so beautiful I darn near cried. Seriously people, the price of gas in the past year has gotten so out of hand there was a time when I wondered if I could put all three of the kids in the bike trailer we used to have and take them to school that way. At one point it cost over $65 to fill up my little 15 gallon tank. That time I almost cried too, but they weren't tears of joy.

Now I don't know what is causing the price of gasoline to go down but I am grateful for whatever it is. I'm still going to drive like a granny in order make sure my gas lasts as long as possible, but now when I want to make the trip to the very south end of town to go the new Super Target it won't be the financial burden just to drive there like it used to be....:)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Grateful for time

Specifically the time to spend with my children. It's a sacrifice financially but dear sweet hubby and I made the decision before Peaches came along that we wanted me to stay home with our children until they were all in school all day, as both of our mothers did that and we felt that benefited us. Now granted there are days when I'd much rather be working, not only to have that extra money, but also to just get away from the trying days with all three at home, especially during the summer. But looking at the big picture, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Now what got me to thinking about this as my grateful post for today was the fact that I volunteered at the girls' school today. It's sad to say but you can pretty much pick out the kids whose parents take the time to spend with them and the parents who don't or can't because they work too much. I've noticed a lot of the kids who parents don't spend much time with them, for whatever reason, seem to be slightly behind their peers as far as academics go. And I've noticed this most with Peaches' class. It's her third year with these students and I've gotten to know some. So I know which ones have moms who stay home and which ones don't, and unfortunately it's the ones who don't who seem to be behind their peers. It breaks my heart and just makes me want to go in and volunteer as much as I can so I can help them. I absolutely love to help them learn stuff and then congratulate them when they get the answer right or read a sentence correctly. I love seeing their smiles when they realize they've done it right. All of this has just reinforced the idea of my getting a job at the elementary school once Little Man is in school all day, as not only would I have summers off with the kids, but I'd get to see more smiles on the students faces.

So it all comes down to the fact that I am so grateful that I get to be one of those moms who can stay home with her kids and maybe help them get a leg up. I don't always have the time to sit down with each one individually and work with them on one subject or another, but I can help feed their desire to learn and do better. I've started reading books for myself again and I think that them seeing me sitting down to read for fun has helped feed their love for books. And when I read to them and we have a book that we learn something from, I think my excitement at learning something new helps feed their love of learning something new.

And who knows maybe I'd be able to do that even if I did work full time outside of the home, but I'd like to think that my ability to stay home with them just helps me do it a little bit more.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Grateful for my mommy

As I clean up the results of the stomach virus that is attacking more members of my family, I can't help but think of my mother. I know that may sound like an odd association, vomit with your mother, but as I clean up after my family I can't help but think of all the times my mother had to clean up after me and my sister. I can't tell you how many times she would stand behind me as I made an offering to the porcelain gods holding my long hair back so it didn't get in the way. Or how many times I heard her say "It's okay" as she was cleaning up. It's that loving attention that, while all mothers should, the best mothers give their children in times like this. And I learned from the best!!! I seriously think there isn't anything my mom can't do. Well okay I could think of a few, bench pressing 200 lbs or break dancing come to mind, but I digress.....She can cook anything from memory, she can wallpaper like a pro, faux paint better than any art major I've seen, sew custom drapes using just measurements and being no where near the actual window and she can manage to make almost 2,000 of miles between us seem like nothing with a simple "I love you".

So in case you haven't been able to guess already, today's grateful post is about my mother. Life hasn't always been the easiest for her and still she goes about her life with a positive attitude, learning from the troubles of the past and making sure she avoids them in the future. I can only hope that one day my children will feel the same admiration for me that I feel immensely for my mother....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

She's a maniac....a maniac with a sewing machine...

Okay that didn't sound as good as I thought it would. Think of the "Maniac" song from "Flashdance" when you read the title......see told you it didn't sound as good as I thought it would. Anyway, here are some of my sewing projects I have done with my recently acquired sewing machine (THANK YOU MOM!!!)

First off I made myself 7 new fabric grocery bags. Three of them are huge and look like this:
The other two are a bit smaller, but you don't get wide fabric when you buy from the $1 section at Wal-Mart. So I got two of each fabric.
Then here are the two sheets that I am using to make duvet covers for the girls' comforters. I got one done but then I got sick with my cold and have been sick for the past month, so the second one will happen here soon.Aren't these fabrics too cute???
I love the pink and brown combo, plus the polka dot sheet reminds me of neopolitan ice cream, yum yum.

Grateful for Democracy

Yes, folks here I am again with another one of my grateful posts and today it's all about the fact that we live in a democracy where we all have the RIGHT to vote for our president. Now I don't care who you vote for, (Okay maybe I do care a little as the picture down a little bit on the right will attest to), but I do care that you vote. People, we have something millions of other people on this Earth don't have and that is the ability to express our opinions on who should be running our country. And I'm so grateful we do.

Now very late tonight or more likely early tomorrow morning we will know which team will be making history. Because either way, whether McCain wins or Obama, history will be made. It will be the first time ever that an African-American has been elected president or a female has been elected vice-president.

So when you are standing in a long line waiting your turn to say who you want as president, remember how extremely lucky you are to be able to do so.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Grateful, even if I'm not feeling so hot...

Last night the girls and I came down with some sort of stomach virus which the males in our family seemed to have escaped. We spent the whole day downstairs curled up watching cartoons. I'm a bit better now but sure am looking forward to crawling into bed for some precious sleep and hopefully waking up feeling much better.

But I wanted to make sure I stuck to my promise of posting each day about something I'm grateful for, so now for today's entry......

I am SO grateful for having a roof over my head and a nice bed to sleep in at night. I think that is something we can all take for granted on a daily basis, well until you get sick at least. I mean being sick is the pits but can you imagine how much worse it would be if you had no home to stay at or nice bed to sleep in???

Now originally that was going to be my only entry for today but I just finished the sweetest, most loving book called "Gracie: A Love Story" by George Burns about his wife Gracie Allen. The book ends when Gracie passes away from Angina, which made me cry. Just from reading that book you could tell that he loved Gracie so very much, and she loved him just as much. But that got me to thinking how grateful I am that I know how to read. Again it's something people can take for granted, but again there are many out there who don't know how to read so they can't enjoy such a lovingly written story just like the one I just finished.

Anyway, I'm gonna hobble downstairs and make some chicken noodle soup for those who feel as though they can keep it down. So if you are reading this and are feeling healthy right now, just take a moment and be grateful for not being sick, for me, please?!?!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I've decided to try and post daily this month with at least one thing I am grateful for. I know, I know, I didn't post yesterday, so to make up for that I'll post two things today. But I thought with this being the month of Thanksgiving I was going to focus on all the good things I have in my life. So without further adieu here are two things I am grateful for:

#1: My Dear Sweet Hubby, he works so hard to provide for our family and he's so talented in so many ways, that he never ceases to amaze me. I'd be totally lost without him beside me and I love him with all my heart.

#2: My three beautiful and healthy children, granted they drive me insane some days and the can fight worse than cats and dogs, but they are each totally unique in their personalities and I think I'd be even more insane without them. At night before I go to bed, I'll sometimes just peek in their rooms and watch them sleep, especially if it was a trying day for all of us. I just to love them sleeping and feeling the comfort that they are all happy and healthy.

So from here on out I will post one thing a day that I am grateful for and they won't be in any particular order. I may also post other things that are on my mind or that I feel like sharing but it won't be replacing my grateful post. In these hard times, financially, I think it's important to remember all that we do have and be grateful for them here and now and instead of after they are gone and it's too late.