Saturday, November 15, 2008

Grateful Aunt Flo is about to leave!

I tell ya, I'm not sure if it's because of me getting older or the kids getting older but it seems like sometimes Aunt Flo has some bad visits.

Now you may ask yourself who the heck Aunt Flo is, well think of that lovely thing women get each month that tend to make them a teeny tiny bit more sensitive and just a smidgen easier to make angry and you'll know who or what I am talking about.

I've tried explaining to the girls how there's a certain time each month that Mommy may be a bit more grouchy but they don't quite get it and I know for a fact that Little Man has no clue except maybe Mommy tends to yell a little bit more sometimes.

And who knows maybe if we were in a position where dear sweet hubby could be home on the weekends to help with the restless natives, as I like to call the kiddos sometimes, then maybe these visits wouldn't be so bad. But when you're the only one to deal with all the squabbling and hitting and outright fits, then it can exacerbate things.

But until then I just have to work my way through Aunt Flo's visits and hope for the best........ :s


dede said...

I feel your pain (and gratitude)!

nannykim said...

Yup--I am sure glad I don't have those any more!! I used to feel like Dr. Jeckel and Mr Hyde (not sure of the spelling, there!!)