Monday, November 10, 2008

Grateful for being agile enough to jump the fence, but....

.....not so grateful that my pants caught on the wire mesh tearing a HUGE hole in the pants and leaving a nice 2 inch gash in my rear!!!!

Okay so I know I didn't post yesterday but I have a good excuse! Yesterday afternoon I was talking with a neighbor in the open space between our yards while our kids played. Then it was time to go in and all the kids scaled the fence, so not wanting to let the dog out and trying to prove I'm not that old after all, I decided to scale the fence too.

That's where I got myself into trouble.....

You see I climbed up it okay, as it's probably about 4 feet tall, but it was jumping down that I got bit by the fence. It's an open rail fence so there is a wire mesh covering it so animals and children don't escape. I call the wire mesh chicken wire but it's more rigid and goes vertically and horizontally instead of diagonal like a true chicken wire. Anyway, there was a rouge wire at the top of the fence that caught on my back pocket and riped the entire back side of my pants. Seriously this tear is probably a good foot in length!!! It zig zags but if you add up the whole tear in length, it'd be a foot for sure. Then I realized I was not only showing a half moon but I was injured too. I got inside and saw a lovely 2 inch gash in my upper thigh. Oh what fun!!! Thankfully we had a bandage big enough for the entire gash, but dang if it doesn't hurt!!! The only thing I could sit on last night was something soft and since we have a wooden chair at our computer desk and I have no lap top, no grateful post yesterday.

So today I'm posting that while I'm grateful I'm not too old to scale a fence I just wish I had been a bit better on the dismount. And while I've been in almost constant paint because of the gash, I think I'm more bummed about tearing my pants!! They were my favorites and fit so nicely. It's such a big tear and it's right there on the whole left side, so it wouldn't look too good to try to patch it up or sew it back together. UGH!!! And while I do enjoy shopping for new clothes, jeans are not one of my favorite things to go buy. It never fails, if the length is right the rise is wrong, or if the rise is right then the length is wrong, plus they never seem to have my size in the shade I like either. Why oh why did I have to prove I could still scale a fence?????

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dede said...

not to make your pain worse, BUT when was your last tetnus shot???