Saturday, November 8, 2008

Grateful for caffeine....

......or more specifically coffee!!!

You see I went to bed late last night, was reading a good book and then this morning at 5:30 something my sweet Tinkerbell entered my room and announced "I can't sleep". Geesh, well I was doing pretty good but I guess that was now over. So we snuggled and giggled then Little Man joined in at about 6:30 and it got a little bit more rowdy. Then right around 7 Peaches joined as Tink had left the door to their bedroom open and Einstein, one of our two 13 year old cats, climbed into her bed and woke her up. Then dear sweet hubby came home from work (he had to go in at midnight) and he wanted to take a short nap before going into his second job. So we cleared the room.

But now I'm pooped and it's only 10:30 AM!!!! So for this moment in time I am grateful that I've started drinking coffee and that I have some to consume. Even after one cup I'm still dragging and my head hurts, so I'm thinking a second cup is in order. I may need more than one more though, as I did have plans to whip my house into shape. It's looking better than it has in days but I need to mop the kitchen floor BAD and I should try to get the laundry all done and put away. But if I don't get some energy soon I may not get squat done and that wouldn't be good. I hate being lazy but even more so knowing that my dear sweet hubby is out there working two jobs to provide for us.

So time to start drinking some more coffee and get that sweet sweet caffeine pumping through my system!!!!

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