Friday, November 7, 2008

Grateful for cheaper gas

Man oh man, this morning it was so nice to hear the click of the gas pump shutting off when the total only said $30!!!! And that was for an almost full tank of gas!!!! It was so beautiful I darn near cried. Seriously people, the price of gas in the past year has gotten so out of hand there was a time when I wondered if I could put all three of the kids in the bike trailer we used to have and take them to school that way. At one point it cost over $65 to fill up my little 15 gallon tank. That time I almost cried too, but they weren't tears of joy.

Now I don't know what is causing the price of gasoline to go down but I am grateful for whatever it is. I'm still going to drive like a granny in order make sure my gas lasts as long as possible, but now when I want to make the trip to the very south end of town to go the new Super Target it won't be the financial burden just to drive there like it used to be....:)

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