Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Grateful for Democracy

Yes, folks here I am again with another one of my grateful posts and today it's all about the fact that we live in a democracy where we all have the RIGHT to vote for our president. Now I don't care who you vote for, (Okay maybe I do care a little as the picture down a little bit on the right will attest to), but I do care that you vote. People, we have something millions of other people on this Earth don't have and that is the ability to express our opinions on who should be running our country. And I'm so grateful we do.

Now very late tonight or more likely early tomorrow morning we will know which team will be making history. Because either way, whether McCain wins or Obama, history will be made. It will be the first time ever that an African-American has been elected president or a female has been elected vice-president.

So when you are standing in a long line waiting your turn to say who you want as president, remember how extremely lucky you are to be able to do so.

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Bee said...

I voted today! And my sweet baby girl voted in her first every Presidential election.