Friday, November 21, 2008

Grateful for friends....

....or more specifically the moms of my children's friends whom I'm friends with too.

When your kids are young you usually attend play dates with them so it really helps when you like the other mom enough to want to hang out with them. I can't imagine anything more uncomfortable than having to spend time with someone and not have much to talk about.

Thankfully that wasn't the situation this morning when Little Man and I went to a friends house for a play date. We were there for 2 hours and boy was it a fast two hours as the mom, I, and I spent the whole time chatting away upstairs while Little Man and G played their hearts out downstairs. It was nice to know that I was looking forward to the play date as much as Little Man was.

I have another friend, M, who has three kids like me, almost the exact same ages as my three, but she has three girls, which is fine as Little Man is enamored by M's youngest, E. But we have come up with an agreement that since we live in the same neighborhood we'll meet at our neighborhood park every Wednesday. We said it was a way for the kids to see each other since only E isn't in school at this point. But when it comes down to it I think that meeting is more for us than for the kids. With Little Man in school two days a week I don't seem to make it to as many activities for the moms club I belong to as I'd like. So meeting each Wednesday allows us the opportunity to catch up as well as the kiddos.

But I have to say that I am thankful for all my friends, whether they are parents of kids my kids are friends with or not. I may not see all my friends every day like I'd like, but I do think of them often and if they have a blog I do visit it as often as they update it. You know most of the time I blame the computer for putting off my cleaning and other chores, but if I didn't have it or the Internet how would I ever keep in touch with most of my friends????

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carin davis said...

I am so grateful we are friends- and I wish we lived down the street from each other and play at the park with the kids! How fun would that be!?