Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Grateful for my sister

You know I went back and reread yesterdays grateful post and felt really bad. I read that I written that I couldn't think of anything to post about that I was grateful for and then I got an email from my sister and thought to myself, "How could I not post that I was grateful for her?? What kind of sister am I???"

So today's post is about the one person in the world who knows where I am coming from, literally and figuratively. If there's one person who can truly relate to what I've gone through in life it's her!!

Okay, I didn't always like her, for instance the time she called me a Homo Sapien and I thought she was calling another kind of homo.........I was in the third grade people!!! But after I graduated from high school we got real close and have been ever since.

Her and her family came out to visit this summer and the week went by WAY TOO FAST!!! We all had a ton of fun together, but I think my favorite time was when we did a Target run just the two of us. It was fun just hanging out without having to worry about kids or husbands. I had such a great time with all of them that I was in quite a funk for a while after they left.

But one thing that does help me not feel so far away is my daily emails to and from my sister and my mom. Monday through Friday we all email each other and talk about what's going on at our houses. It really does help me more connected to them. If my memory were better I could probably tell you what my sister's family had for dinner last week because we share that much in our emails. It's nice and I hope we never stop doing it. :)

So S, if you happen to be reading this please know that I am truly grateful to have had such a great sister and friend such as you!!! I miss you and love you tons and bunches!!! XOXOXOXO


dede said...

we need to convince "S" to start a blog too!!!

Anonymous said...

July you are so sweet. I miss you too! What I wouldn't give to have you within driving distance....