Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Grateful my family is so easy to please!

Really I mean I couldn't have asked for a more low maintenance family. When I don't feel like cooking (which is really like every night, but I digress) and I suggest hot dogs and mac & cheese they all get excited even dear sweet hubby. Well okay maybe he doesn't get as excited as the kids but he doesn't pitch a fit either.

I could also never clean again and none of them would probably mind. Seriously unless the place really started to stink, I don't think they'd miss me not cleaning.

And who can't love a child who jumps up and down in joy knowing they got new socks or underwear??? Most kids would be like "eh, new underwear" but not my sweet Peaches, she seriously gets really excited about it and thanks me profusely. Maybe I should take that and run with it and only get the girl underwear and socks for Christmas, nah that'd be mean.

But when it comes down to it they may not demand much but I do still try to do everything I can for them. My only real goal in life is to make sure they are all healthy, happy and well fed and if that means pleasing them with a simple meal of hot dogs and mac & cheese, who am I to deny them that joy????? ;)

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