Saturday, November 22, 2008

Grateful that I'm remembering to be grateful

You know for all that I forget or forget to get done, I'm so proud that I have been so dang good about remembering to do my grateful posts this month. I've only slipped one day and well I think I had a pretty darn good excuse for not sitting my injured butt down in this hard wooden chair and being grateful.

But not only am I grateful that I remembered to be grateful, but also that I'm the type of person who can be grateful. There are people out there who feel entitled to all they receive, not thinking that maybe just maybe they don't deserve all they get. That having a loving wife and two adorable children are more than some people get in their life. That even though said loving wife's family has gone out of their way to help him and his wife out with everything from food to a place to live, he has not said so much as a sincere "Thank You". If you are wondering, yes I am referring to someone I know and it just bugs the snot out of me that this person can't be more grateful for all he has in his life. If anyone needs a wake up call to remind them to be grateful, it's him.

So I'm just glad that either by nature or nurture, I am the type of person who can still remember that while I may not have as much as some, I do have A LOT and I should be very grateful for all of it.

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