Thursday, November 13, 2008

Greatful for actual seasons

You see where I grew up in Northern California there weren't actual seasons. Oh sure you could tell the difference between summer and winter, but in reality you could get nice days in both of those seasons. I mean I remember Christmas' where it was close to 70, which for winter is pretty darn nice, in my opinion. But you didn't really have the seasons like they show them on calendars and teach them in schools. But in Colorado you do!

It may be sunny here a lot but you know if it's winter, spring, summer or fall out.

Take today for instance, it's nice and sunny out but the wind is strong and it's very chilly in the morning and at night. Now it may be sunny and windy in the summer, but it's most definitely not chilly in the morning or night. And even if it's sunny on Christmas day, it's sure as heck not anywhere near 70 degrees.

I remember our first winter here and just being in total shock when I'd email my family in California to tell them it was -11 at night before bed!!! Or the time we drove home from Home Depot one Sunday afternoon and I called my sister to tell her our van was telling us it was 0 degrees outside!!! Yep, 0 degrees!!!

And then the spring, when everything starts to bloom and turn green again, I mean that's what they teach you spring is about. Out in California plants and flowers bloom, but once the weather heats up the grassy hills and mountains turn a golden color instead of green like here. My dear sweet hubby and I couldn't get over the fact everything was so green in the middle of summer here and so brown in the dead of winter. The exact opposite of what we grew up with.

So for someone who LOVES to rearrange her furniture every chance she gets, to be able to experience Mother Nature's rearranging on a pretty regular basis, I'm in Heaven!!! I always look forward to the next season and then right as the season is about to change again, I'm ready for the current season to end. Mother Nature must LOVE me! ;)

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Bauerfamilyof5 said... want to really experience winter, you should give NY a try :). We average 135 inches of snow a year...seriously!