Thursday, November 20, 2008

This is gonna sound bad, but....Grateful for alcohol

Yes I know it sounds so totally bad, but after the day I've had with my three it sure helps to take the edge off.

With dear sweet hubby having to be at work at midnight he's not awake at the witching hour to help with the kids while dinner is being made. Oh wait maybe I should rephrase that and say he's not awake to make dinner while I deal with the kids. ;) He's also not around to help me bathe them or get them to go to sleep. It's exhausting and I now know what single moms go through, bless their hearts.

So at night I've taken to having a Mike's Hard Lemonade with dinner to help make me relax a bit more so I'm not so on edge. I only have one and it's not enough to make me so tipsy I can't properly take care of my children, so they aren't in any danger.

If you think about it some people have a glass of wine with dinner, so a hard lemonade isn't too different, as it is alcohol too, just tastes better to me than wine does. I've never been a wine drinker, or a beer drinker for that matter. I like my alcohol to taste fruity. :)

So folks, I'm not taking the high road tonight in being grateful for something as sweet and nice as my sister or dreams, nope I'm just grateful that prohibition is no longer around and I can have a little something with dinner to help take the edge off.......

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Bee said...

Cheers! I'll have one, too. Only my problem children are of the four-legged variety!