Thursday, December 11, 2008

Been a little preoccupied

With dear sweet hubby working the day shift again, finally, I've been a bit busy the past few nights enjoying his company. But tonight he's gone to bed early as his system is still trying to get used to being up during the day and asleep at night. So now I have time to sit on the computer and blog. I really wish we had a lap top so I could sit downstairs with him at night and still do stuff on the computer, but no lap top here, so that dream will have to wait a bit.

Plus I've been kind of lacking in anything worth while to blog about. I've been really pooped lately and I recently heard that it could be due to the gallstones I have, so maybe after I get my gallbladder out I'll get some energy back. Speaking of which, I meet my surgeon on Tuesday the 23rd, so at that point I should have a date for the surgery. I'm still kind of nervous about it but the idea of no more pain or discomfort and some actual energy is what's keeping me going ahead with having the surgery.

Tomorrow the girls have their school Christmas program, so that should be interesting. It's always fun to watch the kids up there, you know the ones that are really into it and the ones that aren't and the music teacher trying her best to get everyone into it. Then next Thursday Little Man will have his first Christmas program, which with 8 three year old's should be even more interesting than the one tomorrow. I'll have to be sure to have the camcorder charged for that one for sure!!!!

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dede said...

yea for day shifts!!! I am planning on emailing you and asking for your address so I can send you a Christmas card BUT just incase I forget...I need your address :)!

I hope things go well with the surgeon - sorry you have to have this done!